Cribbed Content for April 10th

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So last week I was knee-deep in lobbying in Sacramento against CA AB 178 and then spent the rest of the week in San Francisco at the Web 2.0 Expo.  So I didn’t have a lot of time to read my RSS feed.  So some of this stuff is a bit old, but don’t shoot the messenger.  If you were on top of your game you wouldn’t rely on this, so just remember that beggars can’t be choosers!

Cribbed Content for March 13th

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Happy Friday The 13th!  I personally like this day just for the weird television programming you get, so you should remember to check your local listings on channels like Discovery, TLC, and History for some possibly cool stuff.  That is, if they didn’t jump the shark with those types of programs last month!

Some varied things going on this week… some of which I covered!

Cribbed Content for March 6th

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I haven’t had the chance to do very many of these during February… the month was filled with birthday celebrations, a vacation, and a lot of Wii in the evening since I’ve been strangely obsessed with Guitar Hero and Animal Crossing: City Folk.  But since I’ve been back from vacation I’ve seen some great stuff, so I want to share.

Forgive me, some of it will be a bit out of date.

  • Geno Prussakov put together a great list of affiliate marketing events in 2009.
  • California is looking into a tax for online sales.  Scott Jangro has written an open letter to the California outlining why it’s a bad idea.  I am going to take his advice and grab the letter to send myself as a resident of California.
  • Read the full California Assembly Bill 178 and contact your representatives to explain why this is a bad idea for affiliate marketers in California!
  • 20/20 contacted the Performance Marketing Alliance for some background on affiliate marketing for a series they’re doing on the proliferation of work-at-home schemes.  It’s good to see that they’re able to do some positive PR for the industry already… very promising since they’re off to a slow start.
  • I wrote another guest post for Marketing Pilgrim, this time on The Search Engine Known as Twitter.
  • If you’re at all interested in reading about my rambles about my Caribbean cruise vacation, check out my Posterous blog.

Cribbed Content for January 2nd

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Happy New Year!  As I mentioned last Friday, I’ve spent this week with family in Oregon, so I have been semi-off the grid.  So this week’s edition of Cribbed Content is as much for me to catch up on things as it is for some of you!

On a personal note, 2008 treated me okay…but I’m hoping that 2009 knocks me off my feet!  I hope your lives are treating you right and leading you in the direction you want to go!

  • The movie industry doesn’t get to have all the fun with an awards season: on the heels of ShareASale announcing their awards last week, the finalists for the Pinnacle Awards Finalists at Affiliate Summit West 2009 were announced this week.  Congrats to the finalists, and we’ll see who the winners are at the awards dinner in Las Vegas.
  • Google’s Matt Cutts confirmed via Twitter that PageRank was updated.  I heard about it before then and I’m glad to report that this blog has gone from a PR0 to PR2, thus reassuring me that I hadn’t landed on some mysterious Google blacklist.  As exciting as this was, it was also proven how little PR means anymore when I checked my twitter page out of curiosity to find it was a PR9!
  • It’s Official: The Performance Marketing Alliance is now an official, non-profit trade association.  Charter membership will be available sometime this month, I imagine starting at Affiliate Summit.
  • I wrote another guest post at Marketing Pilgrim, this time on how Digg’s Lack of Ad Targeting is Hurting Revenue.

Cribbed Content for December 2nd

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Yes, normally this would have come last week on Friday, but like many I was out shopping for my precious GPS unit that was on super sale.  I hope everyone had a lovely Turkey Day!  Did you know that until 1863, Thanksgiving was celebrated on different days?  The president would announce when it would be celebrated until that year, when President Abraham Lincoln decreed it would be on the fourth Thursday in November.  It actually took until 1941 for Congress to pass an official proclamation declaring it a legal holiday on the fourth Thursday in November.

So be thankful for your health and the good information you can find online!

  • Our own Manda Otto reviewed the new seoMOZ toolbar, now still in private beta testing.  This looks to be an invaluable tool for SEO and SEM professionals everywhere, expected to be available sometime in January or February.
  • There’s some debate on the future of the banner ad in online marketing.  Brad Waller and Peter Figueredo both discussed it over at ReveNews: The Banner is Dead by Brad Waller and Is Display Advertising Worthwhile in a Down Economy? by Peter Figueredo.
  • I wrote a guest post for Marketing Pilgrim that you should check out: Mobile Advertising Has Future Among Teens.
  • In more New Edge Media news, we’ve welcomed a new team member, Kate Morris, into the fold as Director of Client Services!

Making It Big

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This week has been full of win, and it’s only Tuesday!

All the Cool Kids (and me)

My humble little blog has been featured on under the Marketing category. Alltop is a digital magazine rack, per se. At each Alltop site, they display the latest five stories from 30+ sites on a single page, aggregating the information as a starting point. Alltop is a great way to expose yourself to blogs and websites relating to your interests that you may not have stumbled upon before. The interests range from women’s interests to sports, religion to geekery. In the marketing category my humble blog is mentioned amongst the likes of Andy Beal’s Marketing Pilgrim, Michael Martine’s Remarkablogger, and Seth Godin’s blog. I’d say that lives up to the “all the cool kids (and me)” slogan!

Guest Co-Host of AffiliateThing on

Regular host Shawn Collins of and co-founder of Affiliate Summit invited me on to co-host the weekly Affiliate Thing podcast in lieu of regular co-host Lisa Picarille of Revenue Magazine who can’t make it tomorrow. I’m excited as I know this is a well-produced, professional podcast broadcast on, so I can’t wait. I’ll be recording from the pleasure of my own home in the morning and can’t wait to chew the affiliate fat with Shawn. I will say that I’m glad I’m not the one who has to edit it! it’s all recorded over Skype, so it’ll be great quality I’m sure!

Featured Expert on

That’s right, yours truly is also now a featured expert author on article site So far I’ve submitted my Top 10 Things That Improve Work Ethic article and plan on submitting many more. If you’d like to see any of my former blog posts as articles on Ezine, drop me a line and let me know!

So that’s it! I feel like all this work I’ve been doing is paying off, and let me tell you, it’s a terrific feeling! I’ll be sure to report back on how the recording of Affiliate Thing goes tomorrow!

Reputation Management Made Easy – By Trackur!

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I wish I could tell you all that this amazing service is free, but alas like most good things nowadays there’s a price to pay. This is definitely a service that’s worth the coin., launched earlier this year by Andy Beal of, is an amazing tool that basically scours the web for you to find references to your keyword. I enjoyed my free trial, and am excited to see that the minimum price has gone down to $18/month. It’ll be much easier to sell execs on using this service now that it’s ultra affordable.

This ain’t yo mama’s reputation management!

Google Alerts have pretty much been the standard in the past, but once you try Trackur I promise you’ll cancel half those alerts. I found SO much more on Trackur that the Google Alerts never mentioned. Trackur scours all of the web, so if something happens to get past Google’s spiders (not likely but hey, it’s possible) it’ll show up on Trackur.

So don’t let me sing the praises for it – go sign up for the free trial. It’s a great tool that I’ll definitely be hounding the execs here to use. And I know this sounds like I have something to gain from this post, but I don’t. It’s just such a great service I think it deserves more recognition!

Google Buys DoubleClick – Googlezilla Attacks!

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It’s official! Google has closed the deal and purchased online marketing agency DoubleClick, who also run affiliate network DoubleClick Performics. There are already graphics up on the DoubleClick and Performics homepages announcing the merger. According to Performics it’s business as usual and the two companies will work independently for now.

There’s no word yet on how this merger will affect Google’s amazingly successful AdWords or the ever growing Performics, both tools of the successful affiliate. It’s easy to speculate that eventually both will be rolled into one mega-monster network offering PPC, CPA, and CPC opportunities for affiliates. Truth is that we just don’t know. While that seems it would be the obvious long term goal, Google is known for innovation and could completely knock our socks off with something else in store. Only time will tell!

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