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Cribbed Content for November 21st

Posted on Nov 21, 2008 in Rambles |

Unfortunately, the weather has gotten me down this week and I got sick mid-week.  I wasn’t able to attend the November BAAMC meeting, but here’s some other stuff I picked up this week.

  • Dallas Mavericks owner and noted entrepreneur Mark Cuban was charged with insider trading on Monday.  Looks like a “he said, she said” for the time being, so we’ll see how this unfolds.
  • Quick thanks to Lisa Riolo and Sam Harrelson for putting me in their blog rolls!
  • This ventures into last week, but there was a big spam crackdown and many affiliate marketers saw a dramatic decrease in spam.  Check out the ABW thread with the discussions.
  • In an Obama presidency, the weekly address is going to be done on YouTube instead of over the radio.
  • I bought something from an infomercial this week.  Stay tuned for it’s awesomeness.  You have to admit that infomercials do work from time to time.  I’m just hoping that this product is as awesome as it seems.  (No, it’s not Listen Up or ShamWOW).
  • Oh, and Ted Murphy from Izea is swimming around in cereal for fun.  And you can win!

That’s it!  Have a good weekend and get all geared up for the holiday next week!

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Review: The Big Book of Spam

Posted on Oct 6, 2008 in Marketing, Reviews | 2 comments

Have you ever actually bothered to ever read some of the subject lines of the ridiculous spam emails you get?  Author Daniel M. Clark decided to do just that – and record all this sarcastic and funny gut reactions to them all in his new book, The Big Book of Spam, available for a reasonable $13.99.

I admit – without knowing Daniel or much about the book he was writing, he sent me one to reivew and I was worried that it might be dry with marketing analysis of spam headlines, and that I wouldn’t get around to reading it (like the last Joel Comm AdSense Secrets eBook I received that I still haven’t read).  But this was a great fun read while I was jetting around the western United States a couple weeks ago on planes and in airports.

Relatively small considering it’s the BIG book of spam (funny in itself), the fonts are big, there’s generally two subject lines and their remarks per page, and it is really funny.  I want to share with you my top 10 from the book.  I shall warn you in advance, there’s some off-color language in a couple.  More than half the book was devoted to the “Sex and Celebrities” category.

  1. Do you wish ladies would have an… An…?  What?  An… aardvark?  An… obelisk?  An… infection?  Eww, no, probably not that. An… ice cream cone?  Oooh, yummy!  Yes, I wish ladies would have an ice cream cone, because maybe I could get a lick.  Of the ice cream cone.
  2. Avoid enhancement pills I’m working on it.  These days the kids are popping enhancement pills like candy, much the same way that my generation used to “smoke the weed”.  It’s very, very important for the word to get out on “the street” that enhancement pills are very “dangerous”.  Parents, heed the words of our noble spammer.  Make sure your “kids” are “staying away” from the enhancement pills.  This “public service message” brought to you by The Big Book of Spam, the spammer who sent it to us, donations from viewers like you, and this station.  Also by a grant from the Corporation for Annoying the Hell Out of People.  And the letter B.  And the number 7.
  3. Girls go wild, screaming and stripping and running after me when they see me at the door. It’s embarrassing, really.  Last time it happened, I was walking into a church.  Talk about awkward.
  4. Does your spouse bore you to death?  Cheer up! Are you trapped in a boring, loveless marriage?  Do you wish you were happy?  Do you wish that ugly, overweight, unfuckable hag in the ridiculous house coat would just spontaneously combust?  Cheer up!  For only three easy payments of $1999.99, we can arrange… something.  If you know what we mean.
  5. No hardware needed, satellite tv on your pc Computer, monitor, network card or modem, a router perhaps… a big satellite in outer goddamn space… nope, no hardware needed at all.
  6. Cleanse your Excess Weight Look, I know I’m not Johnny Six-Pack in the abs here, but I don’t need to be told to cleanse my excess weight.  I do that when I shower, and don’t need to be reminded that I should be hitting the gym instead of sitting in front of a computer for ten hours a day.
  7. Locate super and despicable Box Software for PC and All Macs!!! Your thesaurus has failed you.
  8. Open Your Eyes to Extreme Multidimensional Mascara! I hope it stops at three, because once you start getting into fouth- and fifth-dimensional mascara, strange shit starts to happen.
  9. Have your own Vegas Vacation – Participation Required “Honey, I’m off to Vegas.  What?  NO, this thing says I have to.  I’ll be back in a week, I swear – maybe ten days.  Seriously, the email says I have to.  No, of course I won’t hire any hookers.  No, it won’t be like last time.”
  10. Paris Hilton Sextape.  We keep up to date with today’s hottest stars Her sex tape was news in 2003 – you’re not keeping up very well with today’s hottest stars if that’s the best you can do.
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Online Marketing Glossary: Spamdexing

Posted on Sep 27, 2008 in Affiliate Marketing |


  • Also called search engine spamming.  It combines techniques employed by some Web marketers and designers to fool a search engine’s spider and indexing programs to ensure that their website always appears at or near the top of the list of search engine results.

glossary bookI’m sure you’ve come across this without realizing it.  You go to Google and search for something relatively common and the SERP has listings near the top that, upon clicking them, you find have nothing to do with what you’re looking for.

This is because the marketers behind that website (usually laden with affiliate links and poor or scrapped content) have gamed the system and used these tactics.

Glossary Definition From
ABC’s of Online Marketing by Alexandra Wharton, Issue 22, Revenue Magazine

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Joel Comm – Scummy or Chummy?

Posted on Apr 21, 2008 in Marketing | 5 comments

ComedyTragedyA bit of a scandal broke out last week regarding AdSense guru Joel Comm’s latest eBook offering – AdSense Secrets 4. The landing page as you can see is one of your typical sales pages that usually screams of scam – at least that’s my usual impression of pages like this. Mark Wielgus from noticed many trusted bloggers and affiliate marketers blogging about this book and it’s greatness – people like super affiliate Zac Johnson and Affiliate Summit co-founder Shawn Collins. Mark was ready to go ahead and buy the book, until he noticed the fine print (figuratively…) on the page – when you buy the $9.95 eBook you were also automatically enrolled in a $29.95/mo. program to receive a newsletter with more tips & such from Joel.

To make a long story short since I linked to Mark’s post in last Friday’s Cribbed Content, he called Joel & this offer out as a scam and was none too happy about it. Joel swung by to explain himself – apparently there were glitches with the landing page and the shopping cart process that combined what was originally intended to be an opt-in offer (the $29.95 newsletter) with the main offer of the eBook. Some of the commentator’s over there are still not convinced that Joel’s being honest about the mix up considering his many years in the field – the “he should have known better” argument.AdSenseSecrets4

But the good news is that Joel, in either an effort to make good by a screwy landing page or an effort to save his ass from bad PR, has offered to make it up to people who feel like they were duped. Zac Johnson seems to have the scoop – he corrected the landing pages (well, no duh), added some “Fast Action Bonuses”, and for the next two weeks will be donating 100% of the profits to charity. Wade Tonkin over at Christian Affiliate Marketers just today posted a podcast chat he had with Joel about the offer & spam accusations. Again, whether this is an honest apology or an attempt to save face, it’s still a good gesture and good deal.

The moral of the story? Accusing an internet marketer of spam is akin to accusing a home run hero of corking his bat. Keep this tale in mind the next time you formulate a marketing campaign or launch a new product. Do what you can to make sure that there’s nothing shady, underhanded, or illegal about your offer – or anything that could remotely be considered as such. It’s a good thing to have the blogosphere talking about you, but not when they’re roasting you on a spit.

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Cribbed Content for March 28th

Posted on Mar 28, 2008 in Rambles |

Here we are in the home stretch of March, getting ready for spring! I personally can’t wait, but in the meantime here are the links for the week.

  • Shawn Collins over at Affiliate Summit already announced that Affiliate Summit West 2009 will once again be in Las Vegas at the Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino. I’ve come to terms with this…next year I’ll know not to schedule any meetings with the phrase “meet me in the lobby”.
  • Sam Harrelson does a great screen cast about creating a monetization plan over at Affiliate Fortune Cookies. He’s using a project of his Sci-Fi Tales as an example. Good stuff so far.
  • In line with Sam’s project, ProBlogger has a great post today on 20 Types of pages that Every Blogger Should Consider. I know I’ll definitely be adding a few of those pages to this site.
  • SEOBook is reporting that Google has officially listed Mahalo as spam. Of course, that’s how post author Aaron Wall is interpreting their internal spam document. But I have to say, he’s got a bit of a point.

So go out there and get your affiliate links set up, work on a monetization plan, throw up some pages, and make sure it’s not spam!

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