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Free Toolsday for June 10th

Posted on Jun 10, 2008 in Affiliate Marketing, Tools |

OK it’s TECHNICALLY still the 10th here in California, so here’s this week’s free tool.

SEO Quakeseo-quake is an extension for both Internet Explorer and Firefox. It’s a great tool for webmasters to improve their websites, but also a terrific tool for an affiliate manager doing due diligence on the websites their affiliates list.

My favorite feature is the Whois tool. I use this to check the registrant information on websites on affiliate applications before I approve them. I use the whois data to try to weed out the shadier side of affiliates registering with websites that do not belong to them.

As with most toolbars or extensions, which features you include are completely customizable. Another great feature for the SEM/SEO minded is the page rank button and the other Alexa rankings and Google index numbers.

Of course, there are tons of features of the toolbar that I haven’t even explored! So go check it out at and tell me what your most useful feature of the toolbar is!

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