Brightech LightView Flex LED Magnifier Lamp Review

Posted on Nov 23, 2018 in Crafts, Reviews |

I’ve been looking for a good craft lamp for a long time, but haven’t pulled the trigger on any.  Then, like a light in the darkness, Brightech contacted me about reviewing one of the magnifying lamps and I’ve miraculously found what I was looking for in the Brightech LightView Flex LED Magnifier Lamp!  This has proven to be a fantastic lamp for my nail art, crafting, and other fine detail work.
I was supplied with this product complimentary for review. Opinions are 100% mine.

Product Specs

Brightech Magnifying Lamp

This super bright LED lamp from Brightech has a 3″ diopter lens for clearly viewing small details.  The color of the LED is daylight bright white, a 6-watt 570 lumen output ring of LEDs will last 20+ years.  This lightweight clamp lamp is very portable and offers 1.75x magnification.  The clamp detaches and opens up to 2.5″.  The goose neck bends and swivels for 360° to get just the right angle.  Brightech offers a 5-year Satisfaction Guarantee on the LightView Flex LED Magnifier Lamp, which comes in white or black and is available for $24.99


I honestly don’t know which is my favorite part of this lamp – the flexible goose neck or the clamp.  Between working on my nails, jewelry, or various Cricut projects, I have a variety of spaces I work in and sizes of projects.  Most of the time when working on my nails or jewelry, I end up sitting on my couch or in my recliner working off a wooden tray table.  On occasion, if a project is slightly larger or requires heavy use of the Cricut, I’ll work from my craft table, which is a basic card table from Walmart.  So having the lamp be so portable with the clamp allows me to move it at will and clamp it to either my craft table or the tray table.  It’s also easy to store on my craft table and bring it over into the living room as needed.

As I said before, I do also love the goose neck that’s flexible.  Depending on what I’m working on, I may need to use the lamp’s magnifying lens to see small details, but then need to switch to looking at the overall project.  With the flexibility, I can easily move the head out of my way temporarily – a little bit when I still need the light or a lot if the project takes up a lot of room.  With the daylight bright white color, it’s also great for taking photos of my work.  I can pivot the lamp as needed to illuminate what I’m photographing for the best product photo.

Brightech Magnifying LampVerdict

This is a great lamp!  I’d definitely recommend this lamp to any other makers that need something flexible, portable, and powerful.  This lamp fits the bill, and all at an incredibly affordable price.  One of my hesitations of buying a new lamp myself was because of the price point.  I’ve seen a lot of powerful lamps sold at craft stores like Michael’s & JoAnn that seemed way too expensive for my needs.  I should have known that I’d need to go online to find a great fit for my needs.  They do also offer larger lamps – you can read Dominic’s Review of the Brightech LED Magnification Desk Lamp to see how well it works for his model work.  I highly recommend browsing through their site and finding the right lamp for your needs!