Online Marketing Glossary: Impression

Posted on Jul 29, 2008 in Affiliate Marketing |


  • An advertising metric that indicates how many times an advertising banner, link or product on the internet is viewed.

glossary bookMany people don’t put much stock into impressions alone, but impressions can have the potential when coupled with other metrics to find trends with a publisher’s marketing methods & the advertisers offers.  For example, a high impression count with a low click rate could indicate that the publisher’s website is receiving ample traffic but the banner is not advertising an attractive offer to those visitors.  On the other end, low impressions with high click rates could be indicative of fraudulent affiliate activities or improper reporting.

It is important to note that impressions only count when an ad is fetched from the server, and does not take into account whether or not the ad is clicked on.

Glossary Definition From
ABC’s of Online Marketing by Alexandra Wharton, Issue 22, Revenue Magazine