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Web 2.0 Expo: Smart Work: Embrace Change & Empower Your Teams to Drive Growth and Innovation

Posted on Apr 20, 2009 in Conferences & Networking |

IBMSession Description: In today’s global business environment, the only constant is change. Organizations who can respond quickly by leveraging agile business models and dynamic business processes are uniquely positioned to win. IBM Web2.0 software can help your organization be more effective and innovate in challenging times. IBM also understands first-hand that connecting with customers takes personalization, collaboration, community and co-creation. Come learn from and ask questions of our IBM experts that support enterprise mashups, social media software and Web 2.0 application development and learn how you can provide a truly collaborative real-time working environment for your employees, partners and suppliers and leverage your customer community. Sponsored by IBM.

This session took place Wednesday, April 1, 2009. The speakers were all from IBM:

Okay, usually I think of myself as a smart cookie.  But this session was way over my head, probably since I’m not an IT person or developer.  I walked away with some interesting factoids, but no way to apply this to what I do.  Maybe this will help you more than it helped me.

Bullet Point Review!

  • 1 billion transistors for each person on earth.
  • $11.5 billion worth of produce is wasted in India because of outdated post harvest infrastructure.
  • US health care system loses more than $100 billion per year due to fraud.
  • Up to 22% percent of total port volume is empty containers in North America.
  • Cost optimization + agility = success.
  • CxOs confirmed priorities:
    • Processes
    • Collaboration
    • SOA Adoption (Service Oriented Architecture)
    • Business Model
  • Lotus live web conferencing, collaboration, and email.
  • Jazz is an open collaborative environment.
  • A mashup is a light application.
  • IBM mashup center WebSphre sMash.
  • Resources: Lotus Greenhouse,, Project Zero, Jazz Community Site (developers).

Developers will probably be better for reading this, so check out the slide presentation and I hope it’ll benefit you.