Cribbed Content for May 22nd

Posted on May 22, 2009 in Affiliate Marketing, Rambles |

Cribbed Content LinksIt’s been a slow week for news coming across my desk.  Then again, it’s been a slow week for me in general.  We’re doing Affiliate Marketing Fanatics about every other week now when news is slow.  Hopefully with the upcoming LinkShare Symposium in New York, Affiliate Convention in Denver, and a smattering of other events we should have more to talk about soon!  In the meantime, check this stuff out.

  • Geno Prussakov posted some pretty great articles on his blog this week, 7 Common Problems with Affiliate Data Feeds and Common Mistakes of New Affiliate Program Managers.  I have to give Geno kudos for some great articles!
  • Andy Beard wrote an insightful entry on his blog about his Product Launch Affiliate Strategy, and what checklist he uses to determine if he’ll support a new affiliate launch or not.  It’s definitely a good read for any affiliate starting out, and any merchant who wants to optimize their launches to make them attractive to affiliates.
  • FeedFront Magazine has issued a call for entries for their 7th issue, which will also serve as the conference guide for Affiliate Summit East 2009 in NYC, at which I’ll be speaking!
  • Speaking of Affiliate Summit East 2009, they’re all sold out of booths! You snooze, you lose!
  • More interesting posts about whether or not you should disclose affiliate links with Shawn Collins’ Affiliate Link Disclosure Manifesto.  Good stuff.