ASE09 Session: Advertising on Facebook

Posted on Aug 14, 2009 in Affiliate Marketing, Conferences & Networking |

Session Description: Learn about advertising on Facebook and how affiliates can reach over 100 million members. Join us for a panel discussion including a Facebook representative covering all you need to know. The panel consisted of:

Unfortunately a lot of this session went over my head.  This session was really geared more for people who have already played around with advertising on Facebook.  I was hoping for more of a how-to, but I guess the session that I missed at Affiliate Summit West in January was where they did the intro, and this was a follow up.  I did get some notes, so I’ll go ahead and share them in hopes they might help you!

Bullet Point Review!

  • It’s been a big challenge scaling up to 20 million users.
  • A few months ago it seemed like they were changing policies every week, so they have tried to cut back on changing policies
  • They are now focusing on helping the advertisers.
  • The targeting is incredibly specific, and they can now target by birthday.
  • They’ve set up the email – 24 turn around time for answers if you have a problem with denials.
  • Advertisers need to understand that keywords in their system don’t mean the same as in Google so there’s a bit of a learning curve.
  • Remember to make ad copy brief to draw the eye to it.
  • Try changing the background color of the ad to get attention.
  • A lot of people don’t use the Facebook reporting, but it’s useful to see who’s actually clicking on similar ads and target them even deeper.
  • Direct linking is okay, but test to see which works best for your offer.
  • There has been a lot of complaints about inconsistencies in the approval process, but if you upload 99 ads and 1 gets declined, it’s a mistake not inconsistencies.  Email them and they can easily correct the mistake.
  • If you play on the boarder of ethics, you’ll have a difficult time getting approved.
  • Fan pages work well for organic rankings.  They work like a newsletter.
  • If you use a vanity URL that’s a trademark, it will be taken down because it violates trademark laws.

Some of this did actually help me, so I hope it helps you!  Alex from Facebook had a TON of information to share, and I was a bit surprised that Zac Johnson and Jeremy Schoemaker were so quiet as they’re usually pretty outspoken, but it was still a lot of good information for affiliates who are already advertising on Facebook.