ASE09 Session: Profitable Performance Marketing: More Money for You

Posted on Aug 14, 2009 in Affiliate Marketing, Conferences & Networking |

Session Description: Presenting actionable items for 7 main topics, including social media, negotiating, points of sale opportunities, content that pulls, partnerships, prioritization, and the expense of inefficiency. The panel consisted of:

This session was a perfect mix of business 101 and affiliate marketing.  I think a lot of affiliates get into this thinking they’re going to get rich quick and don’t really consider that they’re really creating a business.  So this little business intro and how it applies to performance marketing was a nice session.

Bullet Point Review!

  • Top line thinkers focus on revenue, whereas bottom line thinkers focus on profit.
  • You might think you can, but you can’t do it all.  Learn to delegate.
  • Develop tools and methodologies to do more with less.
  • Think long term and potentially sacrifice short term gains.
  • You should be spending less than 50% of your time putting out fires.
  • Prioritization
    • 1st Priority -> High growth & unknown costs
    • 2nd Priority -> Highly profitable growth
    • 3rd Priority -> Profitable with limited growth
    • 4th Priority -> Undetermined growth and costs
  • Coupons are one of the best performing verticals.
  • Affiliate marketing is not a brand meter.
  • 6-12 month curve; don’t expect overnight results or a 90 day ROI.
  • Everything is negotiable; evaluate other programs.
    • It doesn’t hurt to ask but remember it’s a business relationship.
    • Make sure to negotiate with 2-3 partners at once – and that they know you’re exploring other options.
  • Be data driven and use data to your advantage.
  • Find someone that’s going to vouch for the vendor you’re negotiating with and ask for referrals.
  • Be more available and transparent.
  • Three uses of email
    • Acquisition
    • Retention
    • Monetization
  • Many people using feedback loops and opening dialog in order to improve.
  • Find ESP that will work on a performance basis – they will help you weed out non-responders.
  • Synchronize your email expertise.
  • Use employees in the smartest way possible for maximum operational efficiency.
  • You need metrics before you negotiate either internally or externally.
  • Points of Sale
    • Up-selling
    • Add-on Products and Services
    • Continuity Programs
    • 2nd Sale and Renewals
  • Providing valuable, free content is a good way to capture emails to market to.
  • To decrease unsubscribers, offer other subscriber options with different frequencies or options.
  • Positions 3-5 on the SERPs are the secret sauce of SEO.
  • Calling a customer to confirm a sale will encourage return business.
  • Know key metrics – average order value, conversion rates, lifetime order value (that one is tricky).
  • You can’t just be an OPM, you have to be a consultant.
  • Doing more targeting is effective.
  • A monthly affiliate newsletter isn’t that effective.
  • Just keep the parasites out.

Overall I got a lot out of this, and I hope others did too.  I wished the panelists had had a bit more fun with the topic to liven things up, but I understand there’s only so much you can spice up such a dry topic. Here’s the presentation, though this is clearly an older version since Karen White didn’t end up making it and Durk & Chuck stepped in: