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Posted on Sep 13, 2011 in Writing |

Ah, how I’ve seemed to turn my back on this website!  This wasn’t my first website I ever built, but it was the first domain name I ever bough and started hosting after tiring of Freeservers and Blogger.  Including the time this blog was on Blogger, I’ve been blogging here for the last 4 years.  I started in August of 2007.  This blog started out as a way for me to share my knowledge about professional printing, graphic design, and what I was learning about affiliate marketing.  This was right after my first Affiliate Summit in Miami in July of 07 and I wanted to share what I’d learned – which was so much! I quickly started blogging more about my career and affiliate marketing and less about professional printing and graphic design.  I have no formal training in graphic design – I’m just some jackass with a good eye for layout and Photoshop – so I felt I had no business telling anyone how to do anything in the realm of design.

Blogging by Hugh MacLeodAs I progressed in my journey into affiliate marketing, people started reading my blog, and noticing who I was online.  By the time Affiliate Summit East 2008 in Boston rolled around, I’d been asked to lead a roundtable discussion on self branding at a pre-summit event held by Affiliate Classroom.  I was asked because people had taken notice.

Not to bore you, lets fast forward to today.  I’ve been working in affiliate marketing for about 5 years (since late 2006).  I love it.  It allows me to work with intelligent people, work from home, work on my schedule, make the money I want to be making, and I don’t feel like my Theater Arts degree is a hindrance since I write a lot and use those creative writing skills – just not in the same way I used to.  There was a point at the end of 2008 where I had to fight to stay in this industry, and that meant leaving my job just shy of my 5 year anniversary there, working at a start up marketing agency for awhile, then an OPM agency, until finally settling down at For Me To Coupon.  And I love it, and I’m approaching my 2 year anniversary with FMTC in January.  Today I’ve spoken at 3 Affiliate Summits and two other trade shows.  I’ve been included in Internet Marketing from the Real Experts and written several articles for FeedFront Magazine.  I walk around a conference and can’t get from one room to another without seeing someone I know or getting stopped by someone.  It’s a great feeling of professional pride and acceptance.

I realized recently that through my difficulties with a couple jobs and working my butt off, I lost the desire to blog.  There’s a long string of time where the only thing on my blog was Affiliate Marketing Fanatics.  But I’ve decided to kick some life into this old horse yet!

To the faithful that still subscribe (or were too lazy to remove me from their feed readers, whatever) I thank you.  You may have noticed a lot of guest posts lately, and that’s helped me to reinvigorate the site and renew my spark.  More are in the hopper, along with some notes I took at Think Tank (yes, I know that was in May, SO WHAT?!), some notes on sessions I attended at Affiliate Summit East 2011, and some general affiliate marketing stuff.

I’m going to pare down the categories here, and redirect my energy into just a few.  Please, tell your friends I’m back.  Add me to your blogroll and I’ll add you to mine.  Let’s DO THIS!