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Lunchbox SidewaysYou can read the back story of how I acquired both of my cats, Muse and Lunchbox, where I invited you to Meet Muse.  To further explain why my cat is named Lunchbox and not Silent Bob, you can watch Dogma.  When Jay & Silent Bob first meet Bethany, Jay calls Silent Bob “Lunchbox”.  I thought it fit well and was more unique than just naming my cat Silent Bob.  So Lunchbox is his name, and he’s lived up to it.  He rarely makes any sounds, unless he’s hissing or trying to get my attention to feed him.  He’s not super fat, but compared to little Muse he’s pretty robust.  He’s definitely the yin to her yang being the opposite combination of white & black with white being his primary color.

This should give you some idea of the scale between the two of them.  Of course, she’s curled up into a ball and he’s stretched out, but if you focus on the size of their paws and heads you should see the difference.  Since they’ve been together their whole lives, they usually get along very well.  Being the dominant male, he’s a little aggressive (I think the vet who fixed him botched it slightly) from time to time with her, but generally he’s a snuggle bunny who’s very loving.

Muse & Lunchbox on the CouchBefore moving to this house, I’d definitely have called Lunchbox more of a snuggler than Muse, but they share the title now.  We were moving around every couple of years for the first 4 years of their lives, so maybe that affected them.  Now that we’ve been here for 6 years, they know where they’re at and know that it’s home.

One of the reasons I’m posting about my cats this week is because this week is their birthday week.  We adopted them when they were about six weeks old and backtracked it to about July 15th.  So my kitties are 10 this week!  I love my cats, despite the typical pet owner issues I have with them, and I hope for another10 snuggly years with my kitties!

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