Exclusive 10% off at Born Pretty Store

Posted on Sep 8, 2014 in Beauty, Manicures, Sales |

I’m always looking for new sources of nail art supplies or polishes.  Despite reaching out to many nail polish brands, I still buy all of the polish you see me talk about myself, with a few exceptions.  Recently, I discovered the Born Pretty Store as a resource for very cheap nail art supplies.  I first learned about them on Instagram, but never really followed up to look at their site until I saw them post some new dolphin water decals and a coupon code in the caption.  Sold!

Born Pretty Store Exclusive 10% OffI looked at the site with the intention of buying just the dolphin decals, and when I saw they were only $1.99, I started looking around.  Born Pretty Store doesn’t just have nail art supplies, but they have inexpensive jewelry, beauty products, and accessories.  I ended up placing an order with 5 pieces of jewelry and 4 nail art items (2 sets of decals and 2 stamping plates) for about $20 and free shipping (they offer free shipping worldwide).

Exclusive Coupon Alert!

I’m excited to receive my order, which shipped on Friday so I hope I get it soon.  I’m excited to share the exclusive coupon code they gave me for TrishaLyn.com readers!  You can click here and use code YYNX31 to save 10% off!

Enjoy!  If you use my code, please let me know what goodies you get!