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The Hill You Choose to Die On

Posted on May 22, 2015 in Rambles |

I’m frequently baffled by the hill some people choose to die on, so to speak. I submit, for your disapproval, the lady in front of me at Walmart.

On the belt: a large bottle of bleach, a bottle of Liquid-Plumr Penetrex , and a bottle of Liquid-Plumr Double Impact, which is supposed to have a drain snake packaged with it, but it was missing.

Clearly, something at home is amiss.

50centsShe asks if she can get a discount on the one missing a snake and is told no, so she swishes her hands at it and finally has to tell the two cashiers standing there that she didn’t want it, muttering something about that’s why she hates Walmart, I think.

They proceed to ring up the other Liquid-Plumr and the bleach, and when she questions how well the Liquid-Plumr works I chime in with a friendly reassurance that I’ve used it and it works pretty well. She’s a pleasant lady, don’t get me wrong, but this is where it goes off the rails.

She pays, and then notices that there’s a 50¢ off coupon on the bottle of Liquid-Plumr. So she asks the cashier to use the coupon. The cashier tells her it’s too late, she’s already paid and the transaction is complete. So then the woman decides if she can’t have the discount, she doesn’t want the Liquid-Plumr, and tells the cashier to refund her. Which the cashier explains she can’t do that without a CSM.

There’s some back & forth because the customer can’t understand why the cashier can’t just refund her the 50¢ or just give her 50¢ and then charge ME 50¢ extra so her till is straight (I didn’t even bother speaking up about how unfair that would be). All the while she’s saying now she wants a refund and a CSM is allegedly on her way. The customer finally understands, after I politely explain to her since she can’t understand the cashier yet I magically can, than they can’t do ANYTHING without a CSM – no refunds, no rebates, nada.

A quite long line has formed (we were in the usually dead garden department) and instead of just leaving the 50¢ as a missed opportunity, saving the coupon for another time, this lady holds up the line, making them open another line, for a CSM to come refund her because she noticed the 50¢ off coupon on the bottle too late to use it.

Never raised her voice, didn’t seem angry necessarily. I understand some people have to pinch every penny.  However, this was a stand. It was the principal. THIS is the hill she’s going to die on? Over 50¢? Really?!