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Mia Adora Premium Eyelash Curler Review

Posted on Jun 22, 2015 in Beauty, Reviews |

Every girl wants full, flirty eyelashes right?  I find that I pursue this goal extra carefully when wearing makeup since my eyes are obstructed by my glasses, so I want extra impact to break through.  I was recently provided with a significant discount on the Mia Adora Premium Eyelash Curler and I was hoping for some serious WOW factor.
I was supplied with this product complimentary for review. Opinions are 100% mine.

Mia Adora Premium Eyelash CurlerProduct Specs

The Premium Eyelash Curler by Mia Adora boasts an ergonomic design that fits every eye shape to give you the perfect curl instantly.  It’s unique spring-loaded design provides for increased precision and control.  This premium eyelash curler has a padded, no-slip handle and came with a padding refill and extra handle pads as well.  The product retails for $8.95 on


If you know me, you know I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis.  First of all, I work from home, so it’s a hassle that is a fruitless endeavor.  Second, I’ve just never been into going to all the trouble for every-day wear.  That being said, I do enjoy gussying myself up from time to time for nights out with Dominic or making myself somewhat presentable at work conferences.  So I like knowing what’s out there, what tips and tricks I can learn, and how to improve my game to make putting on makeup less of a hassle with the hopes that I might actually do it more often!

I tried out the Premium Eyelash Curler and I was a bit disappointed.  While the rubber grips and design do make it very comfortable to use, I did not notice any marked improvement on the actual curling of my lashes over my current cheap-o eyelash curler.  Maybe I just have stubborn lashes?  I tried one eye with my old curler and the other eye with the new curler.  I won’t bore you with grainy close up shots of my eyes because they looked the same.

Mia Adora Premium Eyelash CurlerVerdict

If you are in the market to replace your eyelash curler that broke or you lost it, and you curl your eyelashes frequently, I would still recommend spending the extra few dollars on this premium eyelash curler.  If you’re looking to upgrade from what you have, I wouldn’t bother until yours breaks or disappears.

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