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RelfectX Shower Mirror on a Rope Review

Posted on Jul 3, 2015 in Reviews |

Despite recently reviewing the Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror, I was sent a different kind of shower mirror from ReflectX to review.  Just in the nick of time, too – I’ve been cursing the name of the Homejoy cleaning person who must have used some kind of harsh cleaner on the Cassani, removing the anti-fog coating and making it just a somewhat reflective piece of plastic.  Boo!  So, let’s see if the ReflectX Shower Mirror on a Rope is any better, shall we?I was supplied with this product complimentary for review. Opinions are 100% mine.

ReflectX Shower MirrorProduct Specs

The ReflectX Shower Mirror on a Rope is approximately 5″ x 4″ with a corner hole for the rope or for mounting on the stainless steel hook that it comes with.  The 550 para-cord rope resists mildew and is adjustable for any size with a pretty long starting length.  It’s not flimsy at all at 1/8″ thick and claims to be fog & shadow free when used according to directions (which I’ll get to).   The mirror also comes with a microfiber travel back, making it a hand addition to your luggage on a trip.  The mirror retails on for $13.99, available in 4 different back colors (Red Wet Steel, Blue Wet Steel, Green Wet Steel, or just Wet Steel).  I received the Wet Steel since it was the most universal color.


ReflectX Shower MirrorI have to say, overall I was disappointed in this mirror. I found that the size was a little too small for my “lets make sure I don’t miss face wash in my nostrils” use.  I had to keep moving it around to see everything and longed for the slightly larger oval Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror where I could look at my whole face at once, do a quick inspection, and move on to grabbing the body wash (don’t YOU shower from head to toe?)  As with the last shower mirror, I used a removable suction cup hook instead of the permanent hook it comes with, again for the same reason (I’m short, hubs is tall).  I did appreciate that the hook that came with the ReflectX Shower Mirror on a Rope was a “Command Strip” style adhesive that would be easier to remove than the traditional adhesive of the hooks that came with the Cassani.  Which would make me more likely to use it in my shower if I could find a fixed height on the shower wall where it would work for everyone in the house.

As you can see in the photo, upon first use it did begin to fog in the shower, which to me is the biggest fail that a shower mirror can fail at.  When I initially removed the sticker on the front of the mirror for protection, there were only instructions on how to remove the protective film and how to mount the mirror.  Later, when looking at the product page, I found that there are “Warming instructions” that tell you to hold each side of the mirror up under the hot water for a few seconds to maintain the fog-free mirror during the shower.  Uh, why weren’t these instructions included with the mirror?  As you can see below, this picture has everything that came with the mirror and nowhere are these instructions.

I feel like that’s kind of a big fail in terms of packaging.  What if a friend gave me this mirror as a gift?  Or my husband had bought it?  I would have had to look at the 7th of 7 product images to see the graphic with these cryptic warming instructions.  Personally, I like things that just work.  If other shower mirrors don’t need this warming step, why does this one?  Why can’t it just work?

ReflectX Shower Mirror


If you’re looking for a small mirror that would work well for travel and be adaptable, I can see the appeal in this ReflectX Shower Mirror on a Rope.  The carrying case and para-cord rope definitely appeal to a traveler who’d rather bring their own on the road than risk the hotel not having one.  However, at $13.99, I’d rather pay just a dollar extra and get a larger one for home use.