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Meet Pixel: Pug Princess

Posted on Oct 2, 2015 in Pets |

Things have been quiet around here on, I know.  I’ve had a lot going on in my life that’s pulled me away from this blog.  I shared with you losing Lunchbox, and my mother’s plight.  There’s more to that later story, but I won’t go into it now.  For now, I want you to meet one of the reasons I’ve had little blogging time this summer – our new dog, Pixel!Pixel Princess Fawver shares a birthday with my dad, May 12th, and we took possession of her on July 4, 2015, at a few says shy of 8 weeks old!  We’d adopted Winston from a shelter, but after only having 4 years with my wonder pug, I wanted to get a puppy so I can have as much time as possible with my spoiled rotten pug.  Also, I knew I specifically wanted a pug, which also meant finding a breeder and *gasp* PAYING for a dog!  Yes, there’s adoption fees, but nothing near what folks pay for a pure bread dog.

Meeting Pixel Princess

Meeting our baby puggie

Well, first I spent months on Petfinder and stalking the Central Coast Pug Rescue site looking to adopt a puppy.  When that didn’t pan out, I started looking for breeders.  It was actually pretty difficult to find a breeder that met my requirements, which were based on price and proximity, mainly, but also having a litter within the next year.  I finally found a breeder in a town called Corning, about 3 hours north of us, who was asking for the lowest price I’d seen for a pure bread puppy, and was planning on having a litter soon.  We kept in touch via email and once the puppies were born in May and she knew what kind of a litter she had, I happily paid my deposit.  We even took a drive up there about mid-June just to meet her, meet the puppies, and meet the mamma.  Look how tiny she was!

Pixel 10 Weeks Old

Pixel @ 10 Weeks Old

So July 4th rolled around and we brought her home.  And she was already spoiled then and is still crazy spoiled now.  Pugs only get to be about 20 lbs, and at 20 weeks old she’s only about 6 lbs.  She was 2 lbs. when we brought her home!  So we don’t necessarily let her go “free range” around the house yet… she spends about half her time within her wire play area with her bed, water, food, & toys, and the other half unleashed on the house or back yard or in Dominic’s workshop out back.  He keeps it cleaner out there than he ever has so she can go run around in the evenings while I finish up my work in peace or get dinner made without her barking from the next room or running around my feet.

Naturally, Pixel has her own Facebook page, Instagram account, and her own website (though I’m still in the process of building that out).  She is sweet but also SO ENERGETIC and mischievous.  A bundle of energy doesn’t even begin to describe her sometimes.  Frenetic, maybe.  We’re still working on getting her house trained, and I just got a bigger harness for her now that she’s had all her shots to get her used to going on walks.  Next step is to sign up for obedience training, but I’m in limbo on some other things in my life that need to get resolved before I can commit to taking her to a class once a week.  I’ve sort of taught her to sit, but that’s about it.

Since she has her own Social Media agenda (she’s bossy like that), I won’t likely be posting much about her here, but more posting from what I imagine her perspective is at!

Pixels 1st Home Bath

Pixels 1st Home Bath

And yes… her American Kennel Club registered name is Pixel Princess Fawver.  Why the name Pixel you ask?  As someone who works in affiliate marketing, I deal with tracking pixels all the time.  As someone who deals in some graphics and web design, pixels play an important role in sizing.  And as a photographer, I deal a lot with the amount of megapixels in my photos.  So Pixel it is!  And we tend to call her Pixie (Dominic more than me), and once we met her and saw that she was the smallest in her litter, it seemed perfect.

Give her a follow, will ya?  You can see how she grows and what kind of trouble she gets into!  Her latest bad behavior is messing with Muse.  We’ll break our Pixel Pug Princess while continuing to spoil her some how!