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Blogging: The Root of all Evil?

Posted on Aug 21, 2008 in Writing | 4 comments

Is blogging the root of all evil?  This argument is swaying, even for me as a blogger.

On some level, I have to agree.  Blogging has turned many people into increasingly poorer writers.  This “First draft culture” that he describes isn’t too far off, I’m afraid.  This ties into a post by Jim Kukral a couple weeks back titled Your Grammar & Spelling Is Going to Ruin Your Career.  I have to agree, as grammar and spelling have ALWAYS been pet peeves of mine; even in casual conversation it KILLS me to hear someone say “more better” or “funner”!

Remember that web content doesn’t go away.  Archives endure and even if you completely delete your blog…chances are cached pages will exist somewhere.  So do yourself a favor and treat blogging like a real job that you’re getting paid a lot of money for if you ever want to advance your career and actually get paid to blog.

And listen to some of these points and try to straighten up & fly right, will ya? 😛


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  1. Vlad Zablotskyy

    That is quiet a strong statement by Jim. From a prospective of some one who constantly struggles with both grammar and spelling, if I were a new to blogging I would quit today after reading Jim's post. If he did not offer an extreme example.

    I am bothered by misspellings and grammar, but only my own. I know very well that many visitors to my blogs are turned out by both.

    I try to make a good effort as far as grammar and spellings go and when my readers learn that English is not my native language, they become more tolerant of my mistakes.

    Will this ruing my career? It certainly creates an obstacle, but I don't think it will ruing it. 😉

  2. TrishaLyn

    That typo was on purpose, wasn't it? lol

    Yeah, ruin…maybe not. Hinder, yes.

  3. Vlad Zablotskyy

    Actually it was not lol.. I noticed few grammar things as I am reading my first comment for the 10th time trying to find the typo lol