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100 Most Commonly Misspelled Words in American English

Posted on May 7, 2009 in Writing | 1 comment

I’ve been seeing a lot of freakin’ misspellings lately, so I’m going to share this list with you for fun!  And, for your own education if you’re not the best speller!

acceptable accidentally accommodate
acquire acquit a lot
amateur apparent argument
atheist believe bellwether
calendar category cemetery
changeable collectible column
committed conscience conscientious
conscious consensus daiquiri
definite (ly) discipline drunkenness
dumbbell embarrass (ment) equipment
exhilarate exceed existence
experience fiery foreign
gauge grateful guarantee
harass height hierarchy
humorous ignorance immediate
independent indispensable inoculate
intelligence its/it’s jewelry
judgment kernel (colonel) leisure
liaison library license
lightning maintenance maneuver
medieval memento millennium
miniature minuscule mischievous
misspell neighbor noticeable
occasionally occurrence pastime
perseverance personnel playwright
possession precede principal/principle
privilege pronunciation publicly
questionnaire receive/receipt recommend
referred reference relevant
restaurant rhyme rhythm
schedule separate sergeant
supersede their/they’re/there threshold
twelfth tyranny until
vacuum WXYZ weather

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  1. José


    One of the most common mistakes is using “then” instead of “than”.
    I have the tendency to write “abble” instead of “able”, but then again I'm portuguese, so I have an excuse.
    What about aesthetics / esthetics, I would guess it was included.

    Kynd reegards,

    José 🙂