ASE09: Monday Chris Brogan Keynote (Trisha’s Take)

Posted on Aug 24, 2009 in Affiliate Marketing, Conferences & Networking | 4 comments

Despite more and more sessions being on Sunday of the conference, I think most people still consider the official start of the show to be the Monday keynote.  This year the event added a second keynote on Tuesday, which Dominic and I have already posted our thoughts on.  It’s just taken me awhile to formulate my thoughts for the Monday keynote! The keynote address was given by:

Chris actually teamed up with his co-author of Trust Agents, Julien Smith.  I’ve heard a lot about Julien through Chris’ blog and twitter, and it was nice to put a face to a name and hear him talk as well.  Overall I really liked the message that Chris and Julie gave out: remember social currency can get you farther than monetary currency sometimes.  Chris asked that the audience resist the urge to tweet the keynote as they talked as a social experiment.  I don’t know how it worked out, but I think most people were true to the experiment and did not tweet through it!

Bullet Point Review!

  • To be a trust agent:
    • make your own game – standing out
    • one of us – belonging
    • Archimedes effect – leverage
    • agent zero – developing access
    • human artist – developing understanding
    • building an army – developing mass
  • You’re competing with literally everything else in the world for attention.
  • There are three levels of attention:
    • Awareness
    • Reputation
    • Trust
  • In a lot of ways, network marketing is cold calling.
  • Trust equations:
    • Trust = Social Capital
    • Social Capital + Web = Links
    • Social Capital + Web =Traffic
    • Social Capital + Web =Social Proof
    • Social Capital + Web =A big f’n network
  • Understand there are other currencies than cash – that’s the secret of the game.
  • Make Your Own Game
    • Find your value differentiation.
    • Create a new word for yourself.
    • Learn the systems – attuned/distorted.
  • One of Us
    • Find the agent zero.
    • Seek frictionless distribution.
    • Be everywhere and create/maintain bonds.
    • All knowledge is vocabulary.
    • Insider language is huge.
  • Archimedes’ Effect
    • Be the priest, build the church.
    • Be the relationship before the sale.
    • You live or die by your database.
    • Be part of everyone’s 150
  • Human Artist
    • Connect people constantly.
    • Share instead of hoard.
    • Practice simple touch points of loyalty.
    • Self aware vs. Self involved.
  • Build an Army
    • Give your ideas handles.
    • Teach them to fish.
    • Bring your own dial tone.
  • Be the elbow of every deal.
  • Be human at a distance.
  • Sometimes people on top forget they’re normal people too.

All in all I think more companies need to remember that there’s a human element to business. Sometimes karma is the best reason to do things.  Here’s the presentation:


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  1. Leesa Watego

    It must be @chrisbrogan morning for me Lol. His e-newsleter came out this morning & now this…. great summary for those of us ( in the Southern Hemisphere) who couldn’t be there in person. Cheers, Leesa

  2. Leslie Poston

    These are really amazing notes – I love it! Thanks for the recap (and thanks to Chris for sending us your way)

  3. BenSpark

    This keynote was very well done. It was great to finally hear Chris speak. I hadn’t ever watched any of his videos, shame on me, and he and Julien were excellent.