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Affiliate Summit East 2011 Photo Recap

Posted on Aug 29, 2011 in Affiliate Marketing, Conferences & Networking | 2 comments

I’ve been back from New York since Thursday and I can easily say I’m still not fully recovered.  I’m always surprised at how exhausted I am after one of these shows, but given the fact that I work at home in relative calm and sedation, 3-4 days of getting up early, talking all day, walking all day, and going to bed late can really take it’s toll.

I finally just got all 250+ photos I took from Affiliate Summit and the surrounding events I attended up onto Flickr today.  So for now, instead of writing a long recap of words, I’ll share with you a recap in pictures.  You can see all the pictures in my Affiliate Summit East 2011 Set on Flickr.

Day 1

How to Pitch Your Company Panel: Tricia Meyer, Kim Rowley, Ad Hustler, & Robert Adler
Dominic Fawver at the For Me To Coupon Meet Market Table
Mike Allen on the mechanical bull at the ShareASale Barn Dance
Brook Schaaf on the mechanical bull at the ShareASale Barn Dance

Day 2
Wil Reynolds’ Keynote
Dominic & I at the For Me To Coupon Booth
The Performance Marketing Association Networking Event
Tricia Meyer & Eric Nagel Singing “Summer Lovin'” at Affiliate Karaoke
Daniel Feinberg Singing an AC/DC Song at Affiliate Karaoke

Day 3
Yankee Stadium
The Luxury Suite Seats at Yankee Stadium
Oakland Athletics’ Brandon Allen at 1st Base helping to achieve the A’s 6-5 win over the Yankees!

And one more just because it’s pretty… the friendly skies, somewhere over Chicago

If you really are in the mood to read, here’s some other good recaps that came through my Google Reader these last few days:


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  1. Tricia Meyer

    You have a great way of getting pictures of me making funny faces. LOL! Thanks for including me in your recap. It was nice getting to hang out with you and Dominic a bit!

    • Trish

      Heh sorry… that’s the only picture that came out remotely good of everyone on the panel! It’s too bad you had to leave early!