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Fuzz Off, Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat

Posted on Jun 14, 2013 in Manicures | 2 comments

I had high hopes when I spotted the new Fuzzy Coat by Sally Hansen at my local CVS. I’d gone there searching for their new textured Sugar Coat I’d read about on a nail blog and was happy to find it and this other Fuzzy Coat. The image on the display made the nails look like a fuzzy felted sweater, almost Muppet like. I grabbed my intended target and a bottle of Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat in Peach Fuzz, an orange and yellow production.

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Manicure

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat “Peach Fuzz”

Man, was I disappointed.

Before using it on my nails, I painted one of my nail swatches and wasn’t too happy with the results. The little slivers are in a thick clear polish, so it took nearly 5 coats on the fake nail to get it looking less like just a standard glitter-type polish & more like the picture, though it never did look like the display I hoped that it was just because of the fake plastic nail with no base coat, and hoped I’d get the desired fuzzy effect when I actually put it to use on my natural nails.

Nope, no such luck. After 3 gooey coats, it still didn’t look like the fuzzy display and I was reluctant to put more coats on, anticipating that it might be a chore to remove (understatement of the week). It never did really look overly textured, though I could certainly feel the texture.

To its credit, it did last a long time before chipping, even with no top coat. Since the base is all clear polish I never bothered with one. It finally started to chip after about a week, and my nail striping tape and dotting tools arrived, so I undertook the task of removal. 20 minutes later, after using this nail polish removal method I found on Pinterest and having to bust out the Pure Acetone and scraping some off with a nail stick, I had my nails back.

Maybe other colors give a better effect. Maybe if I’d put a base coat on of a similar orange or yellow I’d have been happier with the result after 2 coats. One thing is for sure – I don’t plan on testing those theories any time soon.

Have you tried Sally Hansen’s Fuzzy Coat? What did you think?


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  1. Lisa

    I found this post because I am desperate to find an easier way to remove this horrible polish. Just like you, I was disappointed that my nails didn’t look like the display picture, even after applying numerous coats, which I assumed must have been used to achieve that effect.

    So much worse than that disappointment is the ridiculous effort required to remove it. Maybe I’ll try the Pinterest method you linked to. Maybe I need to bust out the pure acetone. I removed the many coats on my fingers by mindlessly rubbing them back and forth on the top of the sponge in my jar of remover while watching a movie. My toes only have one or two coats on them, but it’s physically impossible to use that same technique.

    Pretty sure I’m never going to use this Fuzzy Coat again. 100% sure I’m not buying it in any more colors.

    • Trish

      Ugh I know, it was a monumental undertaking to get this stuff off! I’m actually glad to hear I didn’t have a unique experience with this train wreck of a polish 🙂 Thanks for commenting!