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The Feeling of Authorship

Posted on Jun 7, 2013 in Career, Writing |

It feels great to say that I have finally started self-publishing using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.  I have been encouraged for more than a year at least by Deborah Carney’s work with BookGoodies and her Kindle coffee table photography books to start putting my photography to work and publishing a series of my own.

Set in Stone: Oakwood CemeterySo far, I went at it like a madwoman!  I started two series of photo books – Riding the Rails and Set in Stone.  I have more series planned to basically categorize and utilize my existing library of photos, but I can’t help but get ideas for other places I want to go photograph!

Riding the Rails is pretty much what it sounds like – trains.  So far the series has focused mostly on actual, working trains from places like Roaring Camp Railroads and Niles Canyon Railway, but I know eventually it’ll venture into model trains.  Set in Stone is a series of photographs from cemeteries.  I find something very beautiful in monuments and headstones, so I’ve always been attracted to various cemeteries for photography.

Interestingly, writing photo books has somewhat sparked my interest in actually writing stories again.  I’m thinking I might revisit some of the plays I wrote in college and potentially publish the 10 minute plays as a collection.  Somehow that seems more personal to me than putting my photography out there, so I’m still a bit hesitant, but that’s why I’d revisit them and perhaps make some changes first 🙂

So go ahead – check them out & let me know what you think!  Also, you can check out my Amazon Author Central page and Goodreads Author Profile as well! Widgets