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Julep Polish Giveaway! Valerie and Glam Roc

Posted on May 28, 2014 in Contests | 23 comments

Enter to Win one of 2 Julep PolishesRecently Julep was offering a Golden Ticket Mystery Box with the potential opportunity to name one of their new polishes.  You won this opportunity if your box included a gold-topped Gold Star Glitter polish. Well heck, I just wanted the gold star glitter, so I ordered away! (okay, I really did hope to name a polish Trisha too lol). My Golden Ticket Mystery box did not contain one of the Golden Ticket polishes (sad for me) but it certainly did not disappoint in it’s abundance! I ordered one of the Mystery Boxes (#3 cause that’s my lucky number) and went with a Mystery Add-on too, so all told I spent about $40 and I definitely got my money’s worth. Here’s the impressive haul:

Quite the hall, and well worth the $40 as this is over $100 in value just in the polish alone.  I’m pretty excited for the Freedom Polymer Top Coat since I haven’t tried it yet.  I probably won’t be buying another Mystery Box any time soon, only because I now have these polishes to try out first!  The astute reader, however, might notice that there’s a couple of duplicates in that list of polishes.

I already own Valerie (a cool jade creme with subtle golden sparkles) and Glam Roc (a purple and gold sparkle textured polish).  So I’m having a Julep Polish Giveaway!  Of course, I’m keeping the ones I’ve already opened (duh) and giving you the brand new ones I just received.

How do I win the Julep Polish Giveaway?

Complete the tasks in the Rafflecopter widget below for a chance to win – the contest starts RIGHT NOW (or, 10:45 AM PST 5/28/14) and ends in 1 week (or, 11:59 PM PST 6/4/14).  Two winners will be chosen and one will win Valerie and one will win Glam Roc (chosen at random by Rafflecopter). Winners must live within the US or have a US mailing address for shipping.

There are many opportunities to increase your entries and chances of winning, so get going with this Julep Polish Giveaway!

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  1. Eugene Oleo

    Wife likes purple.

  2. Bobbie Anne Munsey

    I like “wild” nailpolish colors, but my favorite “wild” color is purple!

  3. Angel Ward

    I like neon color polish, like neon green, hot pink, etc.

  4. janetfaye

    I like a sky blue color.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

    • Trisha Lyn Fawver

      Ha! The most recent color I bought was a sky blue 🙂 Pure Ice from Walmart, $1.97 🙂 Unbeknownst to me when I bought it, it’s actually one of their newest colors, called Shimmering Sea 🙂

  5. Tamara Custer

    I love light blue colors!


    Red with gold shimmer! Also love neons/brights! Thanks for the chance!

  7. Amie Wisz

    Anything holo! 🙂

  8. Diane M Gooding

    My fave color are shades of peach, coral

  9. brenda

    i like royal or neon blue with sparkle in it !

  10. crafty one

    I like wearing shades of blue.

  11. Sonya Parks

    Any shade of purple is my favorite 🙂 thank you for the giveaway!

  12. Jessica

    Anything holographic, or red!

  13. Manna

    I’ve been obsessed with teal polishes lately.

  14. Amanda

    I’m a sucker for a baby blue with shimmer polish. That and any and all glitters. 🙂

  15. marissa

    All shade of purple oh and i also love reds

  16. chantelle walker

    I love really deep shades on my finger nails and my toes are always popping with bright colors 🙂 even at the same time!

  17. Ruth

    I love most colors but I have a wekness for pinks and reds…

  18. Rachel Beltz

    I love deep, rich colors like navy, dark red, and eggplant!

  19. Kayla B

    I really like purple sparkly polishes. 🙂