A Sorta Kinda Photo Editing Contest!

Posted on Mar 4, 2015 in Contests, Photography | 17 comments

I’ve decided it’s time to play a game!  This is close as I can get to The Price is Right or one of those huge jars of candy that you have to guess how many pieces it holds!  So I’m going to host a photo editing contest – sort of.  The easy thing is that I’m not asking you to edit any photos, that’s on me.  You just have to guess how good I am at setting up a shot in the first place!  Dominic and I are back from a weekend full of photos in Humboldt County celebrating his 35th birthday, so I have a lot of editing to do!  

Photoshop EditingI tend to take a lot of photos, especially when I’m out of my own backyard for 3 days.  Whenever the time comes to import the pictures from my SD card into my computer, I always have a ridiculous number when I start out (this trip it’s 540), but that number is usually much higher than the number I end up with after editing (they can’t ALL be winners).  I have my Nikon D5000 DSLR  set to take multiple shots at once, to maximize my chances of a good shot if I’m taking a picture of something that’s moving (like a flag or animal), or in case I can’t hold the camera as steady as I’d like.

I usually take two passes at my photos after importing them.  The first time, I just preview them with the built-in Windows picture viewer and delete any that are duplicates (again, thanks to that rapid fire feature I use), hopelessly blurry, or on second glance at a size larger than my camera’s preview screen, not interesting or wrecked in some other way.  Next, I’ll fire up Photoshop and bring them in for color corrections and other editing, and I usually end up deleting some more based on my inability to salvage a picture that might be too dark, or too similar to another one, etc.  That will leave me with the photos I’ll eventually rename to fit my file naming/numbering convention and edit to resize and add watermarks to for upload to Facebook, Flickr, ShutterCal, Shutterfly, etc.

How to Win

In order to enter, there are 3 required activities.  You must:

  1. Tweet a message with the link to this contest & a shout-out to the prize sponsors XShot & iMemories
  2. Post a comment below with how many photos you think will be left after the first visual pass (1) and how many photos will be left after editing in Photoshop (2).
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The Rules

  • The winner will be selected based on how close they are to the correct final number.  This is not a randomly selected contest winner, so guess with some thought put into it.
  • The winners must live within the US or have a US shipping address where the prize can be sent.
  • All 3 required activities must be completed and verified as complete in order to win.  Even if your guess is dead-on, your entry into the contest will be void if you have not completed all of the required activities above & confirmed in the Rafflecopter widget at the end of this post.
  • Guesses will be accepted until 3/11/15 at 12:00 AM PST.

The Prizes

XShot LogoThe winner closest to my first number – how many photos are left after the first visual pass – will receive an XShot Pocket Camera Extender Selfie Stick with Universal Phone Holder (a $40 value).

The winner closest to my second number – how many photos are left after editing in Photoshop – will receive a $50 iMemories Gift Card – preserve your most precious memories on DVD or Blu-Ray & ditch those old VHS tapes!

How Many Pre-Edit?

PhotoContest-540ItemsIn order to properly enter this photo editing contest with a good guess of how many I’ll be left with, I have to tell you how many I started with.  There are 540 images imported off my SD card before deleting a single one.  I didn’t even really delete any off of my camera on the camera while shooting, which I sometimes do if I know one is a dud, but I was too busy this time shooting more!

Good luck!  Use the Rafflecopter widget below to confirm your entries.

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Join the conversation and post a comment.

  1. JudiM

    You’ll end up with about 350 after the first visual edit and about 126 after the last edit.

  2. Bridget b

    i say 270 first edit 75 second

  3. april

    240 with 112 chosen

  4. Ginette

    125 after first visual edit and 55 in the final edit.. I think you are picky 🙂

  5. Jed

    475 and 145 as the final edit. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  6. Railroadredux

    I am guessing 450 on the first pass, and 225 after the editing on photoshop.

  7. Lessie

    I would say 375 after first edit and 50 after final edit (at the most!)

  8. Chelsea

    500 and 200 final edit 🙂

  9. Cassie

    325 and 98 for the final cut