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Once again, my mistake is someone else’s gain.  The fatal downfall to having 347 different bottles of nail polish is that on occasion, I get a duplicate.  Not just a similar polish, but the exact same one.  In this case, I opted in for the Pumpkin Spice Mystery Polish in my November Julep Maven Box and ended up with a second bottle of Julep Kerry.  So let’s have a giveaway!

Julep Kerry Matte Metallic + Swatch StitckI received my November Julep Maven Box and liked the colors I picked out and had totally forgotten about the “Pumpkin Spice Mystery Polish” I’d added.  I was happy with Julep Kerry but it looked very familiar.  I was thinking that the matte metallic looked a lot like Sally Hansen Satin Glam Go Gold so I went to my swatches to see if I was right and the first possible dupe I found was – you guessed it – Kerry!  Julep Kerry came from last year’s Matte Metallic collection that I made sure to get almost all the colors of.  Disappointed!  First, I was expecting something more orange or brown to qualify for a “Pumpkin Spice” polish.  Second, of course it was a bummer to get a polish that I already have.

I do really like this color, and it fit in with what I was thinking to be my first November fall manicure, so I dug out my existing bottle, boxed up the one I just received today, and put together a classy, subtle fall manicure!

Julep Kerry & Julep Mary Lee Fall ManicureAfter looking at my swatches for a nice dark burgundy, I picked out another Julep polish, Julep Mary Lee.  Mary Lee promises a nice satin finish, but that usually gets negated by whatever top coat used.  I haven’t gone with an accent nail in awhile, so I painted my ring finger nails with Julep Kerry and the rest of my nails with Julep Mary Lee.  At first, I put a top coat of Glisten & Glow HK Girl – Fast Drying + Super Shiny Top Coat on the burgundy nails and essie matte about you on the gold nails to maintain the matte.  I wore the nails that way for all of 30 minutes before I decided that a totally matte manicure would look better, so I put the matte top coat on over the glossy.  

So here’s the giveaway!  You have from now until Sunday, November 20th at 11:59 PM to enter.  There are several tasks you can take to enter, as shown below in the Rafflecopter giveaway.  This giveaway is only open to United States residents since I am fronting the shipping costs.  You will receive the brand new, packaged bottle of Julep Kerry and a pre-painted and labeled swatch stick.  MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR!


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    I like different shades of blue and other neutral colors.