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A Happy Blog Birthday to Me!

Posted on Aug 21, 2008 in Career, Writing | 6 comments

birthday monkeyIn my hustle and bustle lately, I neglected to realize that I’ve been blogging “semi-pro” as I refer to it for a full year.  I went back to see some of my earlier posts from last August and was reminded of this one – Hats, Hats, Everywhere! Could it be that it was just a year ago that I was still managing PsPrint’s mailing services?  It’s also sad to say that I was “in charge of” social media marketing – a project that never took off on the company level, but I’ve obviously been running strong with it.

It feels like it’s been much longer than just a year that I’ve been at this, but I have to say that I’ve learned so much in a year that it’s incredible.  In many ways this blog as served as a gateway to that knowledge and opportunities that I’ve been given.  I’ll never be able to thank this little blog enough lol.

I wish I’d discovered Google Analytics sooner so I don’t have complete data, but thank you to the 16,000+ visitors this year that stopped by.  Thanks for spending those few minutes to check out what I’ve been spewing out there into the webverse.  I hope you’ve come by more than once.  Told your friends.  Subscribed despite my trials and tribulations in getting a freakin’ feed to work properly.  And come by despite going through three URL changes…

Stay Classy, Interwebs.



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  1. StephARC

    Happy Blog Birthday, congrats Trisha! maybe our blog babies will grow up to be friends 🙂

  2. TrishaLyn

    That's awesome! Thanks a lot… I'm going to edit the post and embed it!

  3. jimkukral

    I tried to leave a video comment here twice but it didn't work. Here's the link.

  4. Teresa Caldwell

    Is your Blog Birthday the same day as Sam's real Birthday? Cool. I have learned something just from reading this post. I am going to go see what Google Analytics is all about. I have heard people talk about it, like at the Summit and stuff, but you get so much information about good tools at an event like that, that it is sometimes like an information overload. Great blog just to be a year old. “Happy Blog Birthday To You”.

  5. TrishaLyn

    Thanks for stopping by Teresa!
    No, it's not literally the same day. It's somewhere at the end of July actually, I think.

    Thanks for the kind words and YES – Google Analytics is invaluable and free!