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Posted on Aug 29, 2014 in Career, Conferences & Networking | 2 comments

BlogHer just announced their next conference, BlogHer PRO ’14.  It will take place December 3 & 4 in Redwood City.  I had a good time attending BlogHer ’14 down in San Jose, but I was left wanting more take-home, actionable items that I could use to build my blog.  This conference seems to focus more on that aspect of blogging.  Most notably, it promises that I will walk away with a new, professional media kit.  This is something I know I need, and would love to have.

The conference registration is $200.  I won’t need to stay in Redwood City, necessarily, but knowing the commute times to that side of the bay that Dominic has to go through every day, I kind of want to, though I would be okay if it’s not at the conference hotel since the Hotel Sofitel discounted group rate is still $199/night.  

Keep Calm and Sponsor MeSponsor My BlogHer PRO 14 Ticket

That’s right, I’m looking to you for help.  Do you know a brand or company that would like to sponsor me?  I’m a prolific writer and can produce guest content for them on the event.  I can also take what I learn about media kits (and other things, I’m sure) to help them out.  I will also gladly adorn my rather large body with a t-shirt sporting their logo as a thanks.  As a tremendous thanks, sponsors will get:

  • A link on this here blog, ‘natch.
  • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, & Google+ plugs & thank-you’s.
  • A guest post for their blog (if they want…)
  • Their logo adorning my t-shirt (as reference, it’s a wide canvas…that’s me in the audience and I like to sit up-front… *sigh*)
  • I won’t shut up about them when I talk to anyone at BlogHer PRO 14
  • My undying love and appreciation!

Other Ways

Well, I can’t start stripping for the money, but there are other ways you can help me raise the funds, even if you don’t know anyone who could sponsor my trip outright.  You could buy a lot of my Kindle books, or you could raid my Etsy shop for wine charms.  You could shop through some of my more lucrative affiliate links:

blue men with questionsIdeas?

I’m totally open to any other ideas that more seasoned bloggers might have, so lay it on me!  I’m a cheap date since this is so close and there’s no airfare involved, and I am totally cool paying for my own gas, tolls, & meals, of course.  I am calling to the blogosphere universe for help on this one, so don’t let me down.  You can absolutely make this my Christmas present!


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