Sorta Kinda Photo Editing Contest: The Results!

Posted on Mar 26, 2015 in Contests, Photography |

Week before last I wrapped up my Sorta Kinda Photo Editing Contest.  I’ll be honest – it was not as popular as I’d hoped.  I had hoped for more entries/guesses.  I even put some money into advertising the contest since I was lucky enough to get sponsored prizes from XShot and iMemories (thanks again!).  In part, I think I shot myself in the foot by calling it a photo editing contest since no actual photo editing was required by entrants, so lesson learned!  In the end I had fun, and, the winners are a pair of sisters!

Yes, congratulations are in order to sisters Cassie and Chelsea Duffield, who guessed the closest to what I came up with.  After my initial visual edit, I ended up with 323.  Cassie guessed almost dead on with her guess of 325.  The grand prize, however, was trickier.  My final total after editing more in-depth in Photoshop was 307, and quite technically the winning closest guess of 225 came from Dominic (my husband).  So, I had to go with the next closest, which was Chelsea’s guess of 200.  Still 107 off, but closest nonetheless.

PhotoContest-323ItemsSo congrats ladies!  I know Cassie already received her prize and I believe Chelsea’s prize is in the mail.  And thanks to everyone who entered.  I will be holding another contest next month, similar to my Julep Polish Giveaway last year, for another duplicate bottle of Julep polish I got in my March Mystery Box.  So stay tuned for that coming up at some point in April!

If you’re interested in checking out the 307 pictures I ended up with (most of them, anyway), check out the gallery below.