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Have you tried Younique?

Posted on Jul 25, 2014 in Beauty, Guest Posts |

Have you tried Younique?

Hello, readers! I’m Kacie Kersey, a hair stylist, makeup artist, breast cancer activist and Halloween enthusiast who resides in the SF Bay Area with one boyfriend, three cats and hundreds (if not thousands) of books. I can be found around the internet at @kaciedoeshair on Twitter and Instagram and Like any Type-A Crazy, I am not content with the status quo (or with having a car payment) so while I build my hair empire I have a couple of side gigs, including Younique!

I was introduced to Younique products by a friend in March. Younique was founded in 2012 by a brother-sister  team, centered around the core values of simplicity, positive influence, and the celebration of inner and outer beauty. Less than two years old and they are on track to become one of the fastest growing direct-sales companies EVER. And in April I pulled the trigger to become an Independent Distributor. Why? Pretty much because of one incredible product: their Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes! This ain’t your momma’s mascara, that’s for sure! It’s two tubes, a three-step process that combines collagen transplanting gel and all natural green tea fibers to create truly incredible thickness and volume! I mean LOOK at this before and after (spoiler alert, no other makeup on, after working out. I swear sometimes I look cuter than this picture leads you to believe).

Kacie Kersey wearing Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Masacara

SO — how does it work? The instructions in the package say to start off with a coat of your regular mascara — I don’t. I start with clean, naked lashes, and do a coat of the Transplanting Gel, then while that is still wet I do a full coat of the Fibers. Give that a few seconds to set up and seal those bad boys on with a second coat of Transplanting Gel. You can do as few or as many coats as you like; I tend to do about 3 when I want some attention on my eyes, or if I am having a lazy day and don’t want to bother with shadow, liner and the whole thing. I get away with lashes, tinted moisturizer and lipstick about 4 days a week, which is essential in the hot summer months. The 3D Fiber Lash mascara is $29, which is on par with most department store mascaras.


  • Crazy long lashes. I see a remarkable difference, even with one coat.
  • The look of falsies without the glue, heaviness, corners popping off, etc.
  • No damage to your natural lashes.


  • The gel dries quickly, making it difficult to do both eyes at the same time. This is a quick fix, but it’s hard to retrain 18 years of putting on mascara!
  • It is a multi-step process, so even one coat adds a minute or so to your beauty routine.
  • If you’re too generous with your fibers and don’t remember to seal them in with another coat of transplanting gel it could result in little black fibers hanging out on your cheekbones. Not a look I enjoy!

Younique has a host of other products in their lineup, from BB Cream, to foundations, blushes and eye pigments. Everything I’ve tried has been excellent quality, especially considering the price point (pigments are just $10 while foundations top out at $32 — in fact no single item is over $32, however there are some things that come in sets and collections)! I am a makeup junkie and the pigments hold up to the quality of MAC, especially color payoff and blend-ability.

Some people would say that only being able to get a hold of the 3D Fiber Lashes and other Younique products through an Independent Presenter is a negative, but I disagree. People like to do business with people they know, like and trust. I am obviously excited about this product, people know they’re getting a great product with an unconditional LOVE IT guarantee, and my friends and family know I wouldn’t steer them wrong, especially with my background in the beauty industry! Couple that with my commitment to build a team of like-minded women that are dynamic and filled with integrity… well, I wouldn’t stand behind a product or company that was anything less.

If you’d like to purchase your own 3D Fiber Lashes or any other Younique products you can do so at, and if you’re interested in learning more about the Younique opportunity contact me at!

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Why Site Layout Matters

Posted on Dec 12, 2012 in Guest Posts, Marketing |

Why Site Layout Matters

Guest Post by Ken Myers.

Website design entails more than just a few images here and there with possibly a table in the middle to organize content. While you don’t have to go overboard and design an overly extravagant site, you could still benefit by having something that is simple and eye-pleasing to your visitors. There are millions of styles on the Internet and many of them constantly restructure the design. It is important to have the perfect design in many ways.

Easy Access

You don’t want your visitors getting lost on your website. Information and relevant links should be easy to find and click. Most websites will put categories and such in a navigation bar on either side of the body.


If your site looks like someone through a puzzle on the computer screen, chances are the visitors are going to move on. A dynamic smooth feel is needed to have a successful website.  Organization of your content is very important.

web page layout diagramBusy

You don’t want to cover your website with too much flash. Images, banners, and other add-ons could distract from the content making it difficult for visitors to read. People want information when visiting a website, not an art gallery – unless that is what your website is for.


For the best results from search engine optimization, you want to make sure your coding is cleaned up. There may be errors in the code that can cause search engines to not crawl your website or cause visitors to see a dreaded 404 error.


Many designers will use the information from programs such as Google Analytics to determine what the content dimensions should be. For instance, if most of your visitors are using tablets or smartphones with a low resolution, then having a website that is 2400 pixels across would make viewing difficult. Know your audience and the technologies used to browse your website.

Scripting Additions

Most of your visitors would rather have a functional website that provides the information they are looking for. Adding too features and java-based scripts could make the experience unpleasant. Do your visitors really need to know what the temperature is in your home town?


It is not difficult to come up with a design that works. If you’re in doubt, take a look at other websites and see how the designer put them together. For the most part, important links are across the top, informational links are along the left side, and the content is in the main body.

A website isn’t set in stone. If you are unhappy with your current design or are bored with the same look day-in and day-out, you can always change it. Depending on how the information is linked through coding, changing how a site looks and feels isn’t as difficult as it may seem. As long as it is functional for your visitors and the code is clean, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem re-envisioning your website.

Ken Myers is the founder of & has learned over the years the importance of focusing on what the customer is looking for and literally serving it to them. He doesn’t try to create a need; instead he tries to satisfy the existing demand for information on products and services.

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Will There Ever Be A Yahoo – Google Partnership?

Posted on Nov 14, 2012 in Guest Posts, Marketing, Social Media |

Will There Ever Be A Yahoo – Google Partnership?

Guest Post by Dan Chaney

Before Google dominated the search engine market, the #1 place to go for information on anything was Yahoo. No one could go outside or watch TV without seeing one of their ads each day. Today, Yahoo is not in good shape. Some internet users either think it’s dead or have no idea what it is. At one point, a few companies tried to buy the company but the execs and shareholders refused the offers. However, no one has thought of a partnership. Will Yahoo ever do such a thing with Google or someone else? The short answer is maybe.

Yahoo could use some help in some form or another. Their net income is at $228.5 million according to their Q2 2012 earnings report, which has been in decline for some time. They’ve also had many of their top-level execs either leave or have been let go over the past six years. Add on the fact that they’re having to compete for business with two juggernaut-sized companies (Google and Microsoft) and it becomes clear that Yahoo has a massive hill to climb if they wish to stay open.

Google, Yahoo, & BingA partnership of some could work in their favor, but it depends on what the other party would offer them. The first thing they need is more people using their search engine. Without that, there’s not much of a reason to visit except to check e-mail and read the news. Original content would also help. If Yahoo offers something people want to see or read that can’t be found elsewhere, there’s a good chance that they’ll be able to convince users and investors to give them a second look. In short, they’d have to utilize multiple services from one company or team up with multiple companies to remain afloat.

At some point, Yahoo will have to do something big to attract the attention of internet users and businesses alike. If they can’t offer better services and content than its competition, it’ll have to put itself up for sale and hope for the best. A partnership with Google would help, but only if it’ll convince people to come to their site on a regular basis aside from checking and sending email. Also, it’ll depend on which services the partnership will improve. Otherwise, the deal may turn out to be an expensive waste of time for all parties involved.

One way or another, Yahoo needs to get its house in order. Will that include a partnership of some kind? Only time will tell. Given the history they’ve had when it comes to being bought up, the folks in charge may choose to do things on their own until all of their efforts fall flat before striking a deal with anyone.

Dan Chaney is a blogger for HirePulse advertising with a background in social media and marketing.

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Top 5 Social Media Apps for iPhone

Posted on Nov 12, 2012 in Guest Posts, Social Media |

Top 5 Social Media Apps for iPhone

Guest Post by James Clark.

Social networking sites for smartphones are what make the smartphone experience all the richer. You can get the entertainment and socialization aspects of using a full time PC all in a handy device that is not only portable but can be safely tucked into your pockets or bags. Modern technology really can be a blessing but availing the luxuries can be a bit tricky. With so much progress happening on the smartphone front, there is also a lot of malware and spyware being produced too- – a counter reaction almost for all the things you can use smartphones for.

Of all the platforms for smartphones, iOS ranks number one when it comes to safety. There is just no doubt that an iPhone is the safest platform what with the closed OS and Apple’s strict review policies for apps. So if you feel that you want a social app experience and are safe from cell phone monitoring, keyloggers, and all sorts of malware and adware that spreads through social networking sites, iPhone is your best option.  And so, here are the best social apps that will help you socialize with ease and no fear of spyware on your iPhone.


There can be no surprises here. Facebook is King App when it comes to comparing social networking apps for any platform. When we talk about iPhone, we know that the people over at Apple have managed to master social networking app creation and have a great free app version on iTunes. The app is very close to the real website and offers almost everything that is available on the site. The rating is 5 out of 5 and is the most used social app on iPhone.


Though Meebo also has an excellent rating (5 out of 5 like Facebook), it still will have to come in a close second behind Facebook since the latter’s preference outdoes anyone else’s. But what is great about Meebo is that you can use it and still avail Facebook chat along with dozens of other chat services all rolled into one iPhone app. The app is free and very easy to use.

IMO Instant Messenger

This is a great app that also allows you to keep in touch with friends through multiple social network platforms and services. Among services it incorporates are AOL, MSN, Facebook, MySpace, and many more. Unlike Meebo, it supports Skype which gives it an edge over some other apps for Skype fans. IMO Instant Messenger is free and allows users to sort out and organize contacts, user push features, search chat history and more. The rating for this app is 4.5 out of 5 but personally, this app is a better option than Meebo.

TweetDeck iPhone App

This is a favorite among Twitter fans. Though it’s the free version of the Twitter app, fans flock to it since it does offer a lot of good features despite holding back many for the users on the paid version. With TweetDeck users can manage more than one Twitter account on one simple interface. The ranking is 4/5 and hard to beat for a free Twitter app.


Now this app is quite possibly the most comprehensive one when it comes to accessing multiple services. Instead of just incorporating the big names, users can also keep tabs on Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Instagram. All the news feeds come to the users in magazine style updates, keeping everything fresh and fun. Flipboard ranks great with a 5 out of 5 rating.

James Clark has been in the business of providing quality information on Mobistealth Mobile Spy Software for a while now. He’s an expert at all things spyware, but his main forte is iPhone spyware which has captured the interest of many.

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A Beginners Guide to File Sharing Software

Posted on Sep 5, 2012 in Guest Posts, Tools |

A Beginners Guide to File Sharing Software

Guest Post by Sam Mauzy.

Using the internet for more than checking email and reading the latest news is not a new discovery, especially when it comes to sharing files. File sharing software includes programs that offer the ability to share any type of files with other people from around the world–ranging from movies and music to PDF documents and full books. Although much of file sharing is viewed in a negative light with the recent controversy of internet freedom, file sharing is not illegal altogether, depending on what is being shared and the rights of the person who has chosen to share the files as well.

What are File Sharing Programs?

File sharing programs give you the opportunity to easily share files with people anywhere across the globe. Programs are commonly known as “P2P” software when file sharing, also known as “peer to peer”. Users are able to use the software itself to search or online “torrent” websites to find the content you are searching for (whether it is a very specific video or if you are browsing for tips and free recipes).

Once you have verified the download for safety purposes (to avoid saving a potential virus to your computer), the P2P or other type of file sharing software will begin to download the file. The download’s speed varies based on the number of people who are virtually sharing the file and also have the file downloaded on their own computer. The more “seeds” and “leeches” each file has, the quicker the download will complete.

After a download has completed downloading within your file sharing program, it will state that it is “seeding”. Seeding represents the re-distribution of pieces of the file you just downloaded to newcomers who are also interested in saving it to their own computer. When you are “seeding”, your IP address is available to those who are also downloading and seeding the file–which can increase your risk of being fined or finding trouble with the law if you are downloading illegal or copyrighted material.

Is File Sharing Illegal?

Yes and no. File sharing itself is not illegal, as long as the material being shared is copyright-free or distributed by its rightful owner. Although most torrent websites offer movies, entire music albums, and other copyrighted material entirely free, it is still illegal to download and share them with others. Once you begin downloading illegal material, you are at risk for copyright infringement, especially if you are “seeding” and sharing your completed downloads. Before you chose to share files or download them, ensure you are abiding by the law and only downloading free files that have no copyrights attached to them to avoid any issues with your ISP (internet service provider) or the legal system itself.

Sam is a blogger with a background in marketing. He prefers to use the eMule download for his personal file sharing. 

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Pinterest: An Effective Marketing Tool to Attract Young Consumers

Posted on Aug 31, 2012 in Guest Posts, Social Media, Tools |

Pinterest: An Effective Marketing Tool to Attract Young Consumers

Guest Post by Samantha Gray.

Facebook and Twitter are still the most popular social media platforms that internet marketers like to use in order to win over young consumer (who are often said to be the most difficult target audience to attract because they’re “picky). But if they’re smart, internet marketers  should now be investing a little bit more of their time and effort using a new and upcoming social media site called Pinterest—aka “a marketer’s dream.”  That’s because young consumers who love to shop (mostly women but some men too) flock to Pinterest on a daily basis ready to spend their disposable income.

Ok, so the social media/image bookmarking site isn’t that new (it was established late last summer) but with every passing month the site just continues to get more and more users. Currently there are about 10.4 million registered users, according to the most recent statistics available. And like mentioned earlier, most of the users are young— the same young users who refuse to succumb to your marketing techniques on Facebook but fall for them on Pinterest.  It’s not really sure why this is the case, but the fact that Pinterest is bit more transparent might be the reason. Users know that its purpose is to connect buyers with sellers.

So how does it work exactly?

Like the name suggests, Pinterest is a digital pin board that requires users to scour a collection of highly attractive images called “pins.” These pins can be of any item that interests them. For example, if a user thinks a dress featured in the database is extremely cute then he or she can pin it on their profile/ “board.” If they think the couch is to-to-die for and would love to own it one day, they can pin it on their board too.  It’s great when looking for inspiration for weddings and other events too.

So where does the cash flow in?

A smart marketer will make sure that the image is linked to the coinciding store or blog where that specific item in the photo can be purchased or at the very least taught how to make—recipes for example are also extremely popular on the site. Since users can pin whatever they like, marketers don’t seem so pushy because in a way the users are coming to you—unlike Facebook where marketers are invading a user’s Timeline with updates and can be easily seen as annoying.

Of course, it’s your job to make sure you have the most aesthetically pleasing photos of your product and/or services available so someone will want to pin you on their board.

How else can it be effective?

While a user can purchase the item they pinned directly, a user’s friends can make purchases too. Firstly, they can take a peek a specific user’s pin board so they know what items their friend might like come Christmas or their birthday. Secondly, Pinterest integrates with Facebook and Twitter so that users can post their pins on these sites as well. This means that even someone who doesn’t have Pinterest (but has a Facebook or Twitter account) can see a Pinterest pin. If they like what they see, they can purchase the item too. This means you get to expand your target audience without doing too much. Pinterest users will do it for you.

In sum, Pinterest can be a really useful marketing tool to invest in.

Samantha Gray is a freelance writer based in Houston, Texas, who offers college advice to those interested in furthering their studies and careers. She also enjoys writing about various business-related topics like marketing. She can be reached for questions or comments at

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