Cribbed Content for September 12th

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This is the super slacker edition as I didn’t do a Toolsday feature this week due to being sick on Tuesday.  Not a TON of stuff has happened this week, so I’ll share just a few things.

  • A great blog post from Anne P. Mitchell’s Getting Email Delivered blog this week on why ISPs won’t give you the name of someone who marks your email as SPAM.  Very clever & totally legitimate work around mentioned.
  • Sam Harrelson’s departure from has spawned a new as-of-yet-unnamed podcast with affiliate marketing veteran Todd Crawford (formerly of Commission Junction) at  I gave it a listen and it’s much dryer than GeekCast but more forcused on the geekery and tech stuff.  Definitely informative.
  • TechCrunch50, a launchpad venue for start up companies looking for venture capital, went down this week in the city by the bay.  Best-in-show went to Yammer, a microblogging service akin to Twitter but designed specifically for business use within a company.  Doesn’t seem too special to me, but I wasn’t there.

Cribbed Content for August 15th

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it’s been a crazy week, but a lot has been going on in the business world (not to mention my world lol)

That’s really about it this week since I wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention to antyhing outside of the summit.  I did pick up some good tools, so the Free Toolsday column should be back soon!

Cribbed Content for July 4th

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Happy Independence Day!  You should be out enjoying a parade, a nice BBQ, or some spectacular fireworks!  I’ll forgive you if you’ve chosen to give my innocent blog a quick view amidst all the celebration though ;).

  • A few months ago, Google officially acquired DoubleClick Performics, an affiliate network. This week they’ve rebranded as Google Affiliate Network.  Shawn Collins wrote up his perspective on this – definitely seems to be a step in the right direction for the reputation of affiliate marketing.
  • Last week I mentioned an irresponsible attack on the PMA by Shoemoney.  Swift to clear up any confusion, the team posted What Exactly Is Affiliate Classroom’s Role in the PMA?

That’s it!  Go forth and have fun this 4th!

Cribbed Content for June 27th

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Surprisingly enough, this week is flying by for me.  It seems like a slow summer week, but at the same time I’ve been awfully busy with some new projects at work and some thoughts circling in my head about a new website I may tackle soon.  The idea is all there, but I have to flesh it out and, really, decide if I have time to do it!  Here are your links for this week – the word around the campfire in online business.

  • Once again, the affiliate marketing industry attacked as douchebags.  And by people who call themselves professionals, no less.  Shawn Collins did all the lashing out necessary in his blog Consultants Can Fix Affiliate Marketing.
  • Congratulations to Lisa Picarille & Revenue Magazine for winning the Performance Marketing’s Most Vocal Advocate Golden Link award at this week’s Linkshare Symposium.  It was worth is for her to be able to say “Sorry, Jangro”.  If you don’t get the reference, go to
  • Just yesterday on the heels of Google partnering with Yahoo and more talk of a potential Microsoft bid on the company, Yahoo officially announced their reorganization plans.  In laymens terms, they’re taking some time to get their shit together :)
  • More confusion is being perpetrated about the PMA by Shoemoney.  Try doing some research next time before declaring something is a scam with shady intentions.  Affiliate Classroom is NOT running it, they’re just providing a website and vehicle for it.  Other companies are providing resources as well.

Cribbed Content for April 18th

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Some good stuff going on this week… and I’m going to throw in something fun that has some social media implications…

  • Scott Jangro jumped into the podcasting world with a good set of rambles. He gets fairly personal, talking about the inspiration his daughter has given him & some general rambles about what’s going on in his life.  I really like this type of podcasting.  Great first effort… PodPress FTW!  I hope more are coming.
  • My new favorite term is Internet Rubbernecker. I may just changed this weekly post of mine from “Cribbed Content” to “Internet Rubbernecking”. The term was apparently coined by this article over at (if it’s from somewhere else, my apologies – I’ve never heard it before). The article points out (yes, go READ it first) that this YouTube lash back video is probably not the best legal move the scorned wife could have made, but it makes me wonder how strong a factor the internet’s court of public opinion might now sway the case? Food for thought in this day & age of social media run rampant.
  • Mark Wielgus from called out Joel Comm’s latest AdSense eBook marketing as shady and deceptive.  The background basically is that all the ads say just $9.95 for this eBook but once you buy it you’re automatically enrolled in some other program that charges you $29.95 per month.  NOT COOL and I have to agree with Mark’s assessment in his video.

I’m keeping it short & sweet this week and ended on what I hope is an uplifting note.  Everyday I go to work and I have to reconcile two facets of myself to get through the day – the part of me that went to college and got my degree in theatre so I could make a living on my own terms – writing and telling stories and entertaining people  – and the part of me that wants a better life than my parent’s had with more money and gadgets and opportunities and keeps me working in marketing- sitting at a desk all day working a set schedule on someone else’s terms.  I know I’m not the only one out there with this daily grapple.

Earlier this week Sam Harrelson recorded an Affiliate Fortune Cookies episode that I just got around to listening to last night.  In it, he describes his own college decisions, how high school superlatives have affected him, and how all that attempts to reconcile into who he is today.  It was a tough listen for me only because of the state I was in on Thursday – wondering if this blog is worth putting so much energy into and assessing why I do this.  This brought me to a good place and I’m okay with where I am… so if you’re finding yourself at a crisis of faith regarding your career, definitely give this a listen.  At least you’ll understand that it’s not just you.

FeedBurner FAIL

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Something wonky happened a few days ago and I didn’t notice… sorry feed readers!

Here’s the posts you may have missed…

Cribbed Content for February 22nd

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Yes, it’s that time again… time for me to ignore my writing degree and grab content to share from other sources. It’s not plagiarism… it’s flattery & link bait :)

  • Trackur is live! My dreams of total reputation management are coming true! Now, to fulfill my dream of the company reimbursing me to buy Andy Beal’s new book Radically Transparent.
  • Google launched a beta version of AdWords for Video. If I were a bit easier on the eyes I’d be posting AdWord laden videos left & right!
  • Affiliate Summit West 08 kicks off on Sunday for set up & the Meet Market. As if I haven’t already mentioned this a million times.

Tonight I forfeit my own bed for accommodations at the Rio in Las Vegas to get my training on Saturday. See you there!

Cribbed Content for February 15th

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Always providing you with the best hijacked content from around the web. If you didn’t hear about most of this yet… you were probably playing ostrich.

Have a great long weekend!

Cribbed Content for January 25th

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As promised last week, here’s my look around the web for interesting business, marketing, web 2.0, etc. stuff.

  • Digg changed their algorithm. No one cared except Digg diehards.
  • After two+ weeks, PrintSalesPro finally publishes a reprint of my All For One, One For All Printers post.
  • LaTease Rikard, one of my StumbleUpon friends, took some advice after my post about our launch of the affiliate program (officially) and joined up and wrote about it.
  • ProBlogger just today published Dropping The F-Bomb: Blogging with Naughty Words. I don’t see a whole lot of repeated topics on my jaunts through the blogosphere, but this is the second article on using the F-bomb since September. The first was Scott Jangro back in September. I wonder if this is really a wide spread phenomenon?

It’s been a slow week, so there you have it. Not much going on, really.