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Cribbed Content for November 21st

Posted on Nov 21, 2008 in Rambles |

Unfortunately, the weather has gotten me down this week and I got sick mid-week.  I wasn’t able to attend the November BAAMC meeting, but here’s some other stuff I picked up this week.

  • Dallas Mavericks owner and noted entrepreneur Mark Cuban was charged with insider trading on Monday.  Looks like a “he said, she said” for the time being, so we’ll see how this unfolds.
  • Quick thanks to Lisa Riolo and Sam Harrelson for putting me in their blog rolls!
  • This ventures into last week, but there was a big spam crackdown and many affiliate marketers saw a dramatic decrease in spam.  Check out the ABW thread with the discussions.
  • In an Obama presidency, the weekly address is going to be done on YouTube instead of over the radio.
  • I bought something from an infomercial this week.  Stay tuned for it’s awesomeness.  You have to admit that infomercials do work from time to time.  I’m just hoping that this product is as awesome as it seems.  (No, it’s not Listen Up or ShamWOW).
  • Oh, and Ted Murphy from Izea is swimming around in cereal for fun.  And you can win!

That’s it!  Have a good weekend and get all geared up for the holiday next week!

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Cribbed Content for November 14th

Posted on Nov 14, 2008 in Marketing |

I hate to say it, but I feel like I’ve been slacking on this blog for some time now.  Ever since the beginning of October after my whirlwind trips to CJU, BlogWorldExpo, and then the Social Media Marketing Summit and the notes I was able to post from there, I’ve kinda let things go into auto-pilot, with only a few really good posts that were original content.

I also tried to work on a new blog, Beach Front Office, a chronicle of working at home and telecommuting.  However, I’m not so sure if I should be separating that information into a new blog or including it into this one.  My original intent for was to be a whimsical look at marketing and my career as a young woman.  I feel like I really do have a unique take on most things as I am learning as I go and don’t have a marketing degree – just a theatre arts dramatic writing one.  So, I ask of those kind readers – which would you prefer?  I keep my work at home stuff separate at BFO, or integrate it here into my whole experience as a young woman in Affiliate Marketing who telecommutes?  Any opinions are welcome!

All that said, I feel better!  And here’s a recap of some of the more interesting articles around the blogosphere that I read this week.

  • Lisa Barone live blogged the Effective Affiliate Strategies session at PubCon this week.  Good notes!
  • Another take on PubCon from an affiliate standpoint was the faithful Shawn Collins with his PubCon 2008 Recap. I’m sure either Manda or Brandy will post a recap of their PubCon experience once they get back to Texas next week.
  • For my blogger buddies out there, DailyBlogTips posted a handy article 50 Simple Ways to Gain RSS Subscribers.  I need to work on this myself, I admit.
  • Black Ink Project 2.0 is now available for the low price of $97.
  • Back to Lisa Barone, she also posted a recap of her entire PubCon Liveblogging Coverage.
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Cribbed Content for November 7th

Posted on Nov 7, 2008 in Affiliate Marketing, Marketing |

Welcome to November!  I can hardly believe we’re in November already… it seems like it was September just yesterday!  Do me a favor and remember that there’s Thanksgiving to think about before Christmas and stall on decking everything out in red and green for a month, will ya?

  • Recently I wrote an article for the New Edge Media blog, Top 14 Tips for Affiliate Success.  Check it out and be sure to follow New Edge Media on Twitter!
  • Scott Jangro wrote a good post on Affiliate Marketing Network Blog Scorecards.  The comments are interesting as well, so be sure to read the whole thing.
  • Affiliate Summit now has a Fan Page on Facebook.  Join up for updates.
  • 37Signals now offers an affiliate program for their super awesome products, one of which is Basecamp, a great project management system that we proudly use at New Edge Media.  Sign up for their affiliate program at
  • An interesting note about branding and your personal brand, Jim Kukral is going to re-brand himself next week.  I’m very interested to see what he does and how this is executed, so stay tuned.
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Cribbed Content for August 15th

Posted on Aug 15, 2008 in Affiliate Marketing, Conferences & Networking, Marketing, Rambles |

it’s been a crazy week, but a lot has been going on in the business world (not to mention my world lol)

That’s really about it this week since I wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention to antyhing outside of the summit.  I did pick up some good tools, so the Free Toolsday column should be back soon!

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Cribbed Content for July 4th

Posted on Jul 4, 2008 in Affiliate Marketing, Rambles |

Happy Independence Day!  You should be out enjoying a parade, a nice BBQ, or some spectacular fireworks!  I’ll forgive you if you’ve chosen to give my innocent blog a quick view amidst all the celebration though ;).

  • A few months ago, Google officially acquired DoubleClick Performics, an affiliate network. This week they’ve rebranded as Google Affiliate Network.  Shawn Collins wrote up his perspective on this – definitely seems to be a step in the right direction for the reputation of affiliate marketing.
  • Last week I mentioned an irresponsible attack on the PMA by Shoemoney.  Swift to clear up any confusion, the team posted What Exactly Is Affiliate Classroom’s Role in the PMA?

That’s it!  Go forth and have fun this 4th!

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Cribbed Content for June 27th

Posted on Jun 27, 2008 in Affiliate Marketing, Rambles | 2 comments

Surprisingly enough, this week is flying by for me.  It seems like a slow summer week, but at the same time I’ve been awfully busy with some new projects at work and some thoughts circling in my head about a new website I may tackle soon.  The idea is all there, but I have to flesh it out and, really, decide if I have time to do it!  Here are your links for this week – the word around the campfire in online business.

  • Once again, the affiliate marketing industry attacked as douchebags.  And by people who call themselves professionals, no less.  Shawn Collins did all the lashing out necessary in his blog Consultants Can Fix Affiliate Marketing.
  • Congratulations to Lisa Picarille & Revenue Magazine for winning the Performance Marketing’s Most Vocal Advocate Golden Link award at this week’s Linkshare Symposium.  It was worth is for her to be able to say “Sorry, Jangro”.  If you don’t get the reference, go to
  • Just yesterday on the heels of Google partnering with Yahoo and more talk of a potential Microsoft bid on the company, Yahoo officially announced their reorganization plans.  In laymens terms, they’re taking some time to get their shit together 🙂
  • More confusion is being perpetrated about the PMA by Shoemoney.  Try doing some research next time before declaring something is a scam with shady intentions.  Affiliate Classroom is NOT running it, they’re just providing a website and vehicle for it.  Other companies are providing resources as well.
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