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Cribbed Content for January 2nd

Posted by on Jan 2, 2009 in Affiliate Marketing, Quote of the Day, Rambles, Social Media |

Happy New Year!  As I mentioned last Friday, I’ve spent this week with family in Oregon, so I have been semi-off the grid.  So this week’s edition of Cribbed Content is as much for me to catch up on things as it is for some of you!

On a personal note, 2008 treated me okay…but I’m hoping that 2009 knocks me off my feet!  I hope your lives are treating you right and leading you in the direction you want to go!

  • The movie industry doesn’t get to have all the fun with an awards season: on the heels of ShareASale announcing their awards last week, the finalists for the Pinnacle Awards Finalists at Affiliate Summit West 2009 were announced this week.  Congrats to the finalists, and we’ll see who the winners are at the awards dinner in Las Vegas.
  • Google’s Matt Cutts confirmed via Twitter that PageRank was updated.  I heard about it before then and I’m glad to report that this blog has gone from a PR0 to PR2, thus reassuring me that I hadn’t landed on some mysterious Google blacklist.  As exciting as this was, it was also proven how little PR means anymore when I checked my twitter page out of curiosity to find it was a PR9!
  • It’s Official: The Performance Marketing Alliance is now an official, non-profit trade association.  Charter membership will be available sometime this month, I imagine starting at Affiliate Summit.
  • I wrote another guest post at Marketing Pilgrim, this time on how Digg’s Lack of Ad Targeting is Hurting Revenue.
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Goals for 2009

Posted by on Jan 1, 2009 in Career |

There seems to be a rule in blogging that on January 1st, any self-respecting blogger will take a few minutes to wax poetic on one of two topics – a recap of their year previous, or an outlook on their goals of the new year ahead.  All the cool kids are doing it, so I’ve decided to jump into the mix.  I’m not doing anything better today, so why not? :p

I’m going to opt for the latter, and set forth some goals for my 2009.  Some more important than others, but listed in no particular order.

  1. Work out the technical kinks on my blog.  I’ve got some issues with the CSS on this theme regarding spacing in lists, so Id like to either learn enough about CSS to fix this or find a new theme that I like as much as this one.  I also had a problem upgrading to WordPress 2.7 and had to revert back, so I’ll figure out what the heck was causing that & upgrade.
  2. Post every day.  Even if it’s just a quick note about how work is going or something interesting I saw online that day.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to post crap, but just a bit more current things than necessarily waiting until the end of the week to mention some things in my Cribbed Content post.
  3. Get back to doing the Free Toolsday and Saturday Shopper features.  I enjoy doing them, I’ve just been slacking.
  4. Write more guest posts & accept more guest posts.  I’ve been given the opportunity, so I should collaborate with fellow bloggers more than I do.

That’s really it.  If I set a lot of lofty goals, I’ll never finish them all.  So these few are here.  Keep me honest on this and we’ll friends.  Check back here in a year to see if I succeeded!

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Cribbed Content for December 22nd

Posted by on Dec 22, 2008 in Affiliate Marketing, Rambles |

The holidays are upon us finally!  I suck and forgot to post this shorter version last week!  Hanukkah started on the 21st, and Christmas is around the bend this week!  Do you have sugar plum fairies dancing in your head yet?  Here’s a few interesting things from this past week to keep your feet on the ground until you’re off for the holiday officially!

  • Are you an affiliate?  Take the AffStat Survey Here and let your voice be known in the industry.  This coming year the results will be made available through FeedFront Magazine rather than by purchase.
  • Speaking of FeedFront, publishers Shawn Collins & Missy Ward of Affiliate Summit have put together a compilation cover complimenting their story about the women of affiliate marketing.  Yours truly is on the cover in the lower right hand portion, sharing space with some truly awesome and amazing women that I both adore and admire!
  • ShareASale hosts a great party at every Affiliate Summit, and this coming January for Affiliate Summit West 2009, they’re hosting an 80s prom themed “Under the Stars” party.  Righteous, dude.
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Cribbed Content for December 2nd

Posted by on Dec 2, 2008 in Rambles |

Yes, normally this would have come last week on Friday, but like many I was out shopping for my precious GPS unit that was on super sale.  I hope everyone had a lovely Turkey Day!  Did you know that until 1863, Thanksgiving was celebrated on different days?  The president would announce when it would be celebrated until that year, when President Abraham Lincoln decreed it would be on the fourth Thursday in November.  It actually took until 1941 for Congress to pass an official proclamation declaring it a legal holiday on the fourth Thursday in November.

So be thankful for your health and the good information you can find online!

  • Our own Manda Otto reviewed the new seoMOZ toolbar, now still in private beta testing.  This looks to be an invaluable tool for SEO and SEM professionals everywhere, expected to be available sometime in January or February.
  • There’s some debate on the future of the banner ad in online marketing.  Brad Waller and Peter Figueredo both discussed it over at ReveNews: The Banner is Dead by Brad Waller and Is Display Advertising Worthwhile in a Down Economy? by Peter Figueredo.
  • I wrote a guest post for Marketing Pilgrim that you should check out: Mobile Advertising Has Future Among Teens.
  • In more New Edge Media news, we’ve welcomed a new team member, Kate Morris, into the fold as Director of Client Services!
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Cribbed Content for November 21st

Posted by on Nov 21, 2008 in Rambles |

Unfortunately, the weather has gotten me down this week and I got sick mid-week.  I wasn’t able to attend the November BAAMC meeting, but here’s some other stuff I picked up this week.

  • Dallas Mavericks owner and noted entrepreneur Mark Cuban was charged with insider trading on Monday.  Looks like a “he said, she said” for the time being, so we’ll see how this unfolds.
  • Quick thanks to Lisa Riolo and Sam Harrelson for putting me in their blog rolls!
  • This ventures into last week, but there was a big spam crackdown and many affiliate marketers saw a dramatic decrease in spam.  Check out the ABW thread with the discussions.
  • In an Obama presidency, the weekly address is going to be done on YouTube instead of over the radio.
  • I bought something from an infomercial this week.  Stay tuned for it’s awesomeness.  You have to admit that infomercials do work from time to time.  I’m just hoping that this product is as awesome as it seems.  (No, it’s not Listen Up or ShamWOW).
  • Oh, and Ted Murphy from Izea is swimming around in cereal for fun.  And you can win!

That’s it!  Have a good weekend and get all geared up for the holiday next week!

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