Affiliate Marketing Fanatics #59: A Gateway Conference

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Affiliate Marketing Fanatics – A couple of hyper-caffeinated affiliate marketers (Mike Buechele) and (Trisha Lyn Fawver) talk about all things Affiliate Marketing. From blogging to branding, social media to search, video and more!

Mike and I jump back into the saddle with this whole podcasting thing.  We talk briefly about how great Affiliate Summit West 2012 was, get off track in some places, and try to get the innocent kids in the Midwest hooked on some affiliate marketing conference goodness. In in this episode we discuss:

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Affiliate Marketing Fanatics 57: Geek Cast Wannabes

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Affiliate Marketing Fanatics – A couple of hyper-caffeinated affiliate marketers (Mike Buechele) and (Trisha Lyn Fawver) talk about all things Affiliate Marketing. From blogging to branding, social media to search, video and more!

Geek Cast Boston

It seems longing for a simpler time, back when we all religiously listened to Geek Cast, is a virus that’s going around.  Before the band got back together last week on Affiliate Thing, we had a similar idea to emulate that model for fun.  Mike is back, and we were also joined by Wade Tonkin of Fanatics and Drew Bennett of In in this episode we discuss:

  • Our collective love of the original Geek Cast with Shawn Collins, Sam Harrelson, Jim Kukral, and Lisa Picarille.
  • The passing of Steve Jobs… would the reaction be similar if Bill Gates had passed?
  • CityCrashVille Hometown on iPad.
  • Speculating on what Affiliate Summit Central will be.
  • Upcoming Affiliate Summit West in January and how the session voting is going.
  • Mike’s recap of the New York Comic Con

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Affiliate Summit East 2011 Photo Recap

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I’ve been back from New York since Thursday and I can easily say I’m still not fully recovered.  I’m always surprised at how exhausted I am after one of these shows, but given the fact that I work at home in relative calm and sedation, 3-4 days of getting up early, talking all day, walking all day, and going to bed late can really take it’s toll.

I finally just got all 250+ photos I took from Affiliate Summit and the surrounding events I attended up onto Flickr today.  So for now, instead of writing a long recap of words, I’ll share with you a recap in pictures.  You can see all the pictures in my Affiliate Summit East 2011 Set on Flickr.

Day 1

How to Pitch Your Company Panel: Tricia Meyer, Kim Rowley, Ad Hustler, & Robert Adler
Dominic Fawver at the For Me To Coupon Meet Market Table
Mike Allen on the mechanical bull at the ShareASale Barn Dance
Brook Schaaf on the mechanical bull at the ShareASale Barn Dance

Day 2
Wil Reynolds’ Keynote
Dominic & I at the For Me To Coupon Booth
The Performance Marketing Association Networking Event
Tricia Meyer & Eric Nagel Singing “Summer Lovin’” at Affiliate Karaoke
Daniel Feinberg Singing an AC/DC Song at Affiliate Karaoke

Day 3
Yankee Stadium
The Luxury Suite Seats at Yankee Stadium
Oakland Athletics’ Brandon Allen at 1st Base helping to achieve the A’s 6-5 win over the Yankees!

And one more just because it’s pretty… the friendly skies, somewhere over Chicago

If you really are in the mood to read, here’s some other good recaps that came through my Google Reader these last few days:

Affiliate Marketing Fanatics 51: Interviewing Adam Riemer

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Affiliate Marketing Fanatics – A couple of hyper-caffeinated affiliate marketers (Mike Buechele) and (Trisha Lyn Fawver) talk about all things Affiliate Marketing. From blogging to branding, social media to search, video and more!

Mike is taking a break from podcasting for awhile to focus on his business!  I’m going solo this week, still talking to conference speakers, this time chatting with Adam Riemer about his upcoming speaking gigs at PubCon South 2011 at the Norris Executive Conference Center in Austin, TX.  For a quick 15 minutes we discuss:

  • How Adam got started online.
  • How to Start a Successful Affiliate Program – Adam will be speaking along side Chuck Hamrick, Peter Hamilton of HasOffers, Brook Schaaf of Schaaf-PartnerCentric, and Paul Schroader of PS Web Solutions.
  • Site Review – Focus on Affiliates – Fellow panelists are Shawn Collins of Affiliate Summit, Peter Hamilton of HasOffers, David Favor of David Favor & Associates, and Roger Montti of
  • What Adam’s been up to lately – working in-house managing the JobFox Affiliate Program and blogging up a storm at,, and
  • We didn’t mention it in this re-record, but Adam’s been training for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, which he’ll be walking with Team Affiliate Marketers Give Back – Jen Goode, Missy Ward, and Angel Djambazov in Denver, CO June 25th & 26th (donate to Adam today!)

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Affiliate Marketing Awards – Coming This April

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The Affiliate Marketing AwardsAnother reason to do your best work at your job – the new Affiliate Marketing Awards!  From internet impresario Murray Newlands comes his latest project, a new set of awards for the best of the best in the affiliate marketing industry.  The awards seek to highlight the best of our industry and reward those hard working folks that may not otherwise receive a lot of attention for their phenomenal efforts.  The awards categories are very broad to reward various segments of the industry.  They are:

  • Best CPS Network
  • Best CPA Network
  • Best Coreg Network
  • Best Merchant Campaign
  • Best Agency
  • Best Affiliate Manager
  • Best Banners
  • Best Overall Affiliate
  • Best Content Affiliates
  • Best PPC Affiliate
  • Best Merchant Innovation
  • Best Affiliate Innovation
  • Best Sales Campaign
  • Best Lead Generation Campaign
  • Best Mobile Campaign
  • Best Use of Social Media
  • Best Use of Data Feeds
  • Best Third Party Tool
  • Best Marketing Affiliate Blog
  • Hottest Affiliate
  • Hottest Affiliate Manager

I’m sure the last two are included just for some fun!  Judges include the esteemed Shawn Collins, Jay Weintraub, Steve Hall, Joseph Morin, Peter Bordes, & Oliver Roup.  The awards themselves are sponsored by HasOffers, VigLink, and  There is a fee to nominate your own company/self or another company, but you can save 10% off your nomination fee with the code TL10!

W Hotel San FranciscoThe award show itself will take place April 12, 2011 at the W Hotel in San Francisco, during the midst of ad:tech SF.  I’ll be there with bells on, and you can be to… the code TL10 will also save you 10% off your ticket price as well.  I’m very interested to see how this goes and what caliber of companies are nominated.  The judges can reserve the right *not* to present an award in any particular category if they don’t see any of the nominees as fit to win the award.  Which I think will weed out anyone who’s just trying to pay for an award!

Go buy your tickets to attend and nominate some great industry folks for some awards: The Affiliate Marketing Awards

ASE10 Monday Keynote: Frank Luntz

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Monday of Affiliate Summit started off with a keynote by author Frank Luntz, who most notably wrote the book Words That Work: It’s Not What You Say, It’s What People Hear, which I own but haven’t yet read.  The book came out a few years ago and was gifted to me by Shawn Collins, who highly recommended it and, from all I heard before summit, was very excited to have Mr. Luntz as the keynote to start off the conference.

21 Words for the 21st CenturyConsidering I focused on creative writing in college (specifically as a playwright, but that’s another story), the idea of using different words to illicit a different response from people fascinates me.  So I was very interested to hear some actionable items and learn some psychological wordsmith tactics to use in my writing.  Unfortunately, I was distracted during the first few minutes attempting to get the conference wifi to work on my laptop so I could tweet some nice tidbits out to folks (and check my email, I’ll admit).  I had to finally give up and accept that the wifi had reached user capacity and I was too late to hop on.   So I missed some stuff, and I’m sad to report that the speaker’s contract prohibited filming… bummer.  So here’s what I did pick up!

Bullet Point Review!

  • Names matter – there’s a right and a wrong way to say things.
  • The word “imagine” transcends culture.
  • Click on the image above for the 21 Words for the 21st Century.
  • Inspire is the closest way to get people to do things.
  • Cleaner, safer, healthier = all are better ways to say sustainability.
  • Efficient & hassle free are good terms.
  • “Security” means there’s something to be afraid of, whereas “peace of mind” means less worrying.
  • “Committment” is stronger than “guarantee”.  Only 9% of people believe the word “pledge” to be trustworthy.
  • The word “value” has increased in importance.
  • “Service” is a more human component – you want to humanize your products.  “Product” is more emotional.
  • The younger the target audience is, the shorter your sentences need to be with less syllables, more examples and metaphors.
  • The most powerful form of communication is rhetorical questions.
  • The average American loses their job and runs out of savings in just 5 weeks.
  • Young target audiences want their products to be customized, personalized, and humanized.
  • People complain about security and privacy, but it’s actually their last priority.
  • Color is less important than the visual itself on websites.
  • If you’re under age 30, you prefer digital interaction over talking to people.
  • Men want more money, women want more time.

Internet Marketing From The Real Experts

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Internet Marketing from the Real ExpertsI’m excited to say that an article I wrote is included in the book Internet Marketing From The Real Experts, edited by Shawn Collins & Missy Ward.  This is the first book to be published under the Velocity NYC Press imprint by Morgan James Publishing.  The official author is “The Gang of 88″ as the book is a compilation of articles written for and printed in FeedFront Magazine.  The book was given out to attendees of Affiliate Summit West 2010 and boasts 3 minute lessons on affiliate marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, social media, and much more!

My article on Affiliate Manager Communication Strategies appears on page 15.  Unfortunately since I wrote that article towards the beginning of FeedFront’s publication, it says I’m the marketing manager for, which if you follow my blog you know that’s not true anymore.  Oh well!  I’m excited to be part of the gang of 88, and look forward to reading the entire book (well, the articles I haven’t already read in FeedFront).

From the back of the book:

What do Jay Berkowitz, Chris Brogan, Brian Clark, Jim Kukral, Ted Murphy, Jeremy Schoemaker, and Mari Smith have in comment?  They all walk the walk when it comes to their Internet marketing expertise.  And they also have joined dozens of innovators and thought shapers to share their ideas, advice, and insight.

Internet Marketing from the Real Experts is a collection of affiliate, email,  blogging, podcasting, video, search engine, and social network rock stars that break down the how and why of Internet marketing in a clear, easy to understand way.

Their voices, their ideas, their action items, and their lessons learned from mistakes – all for you to grow your business the day you start reading Internet Marketing from the Real Experts.

I know that all those flattering words are really meant for the caliber of people listed on the back cover, but I’m honored to be among them in print!  Better yet – all proceeds are going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  Maybe now I will write that book I’ve been thinking of!

Affiliate Marketing Fanatics 15: Be My Yoko Ono

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Affiliate Marketing Fanatics – A Publisher (Mike Buechele) and an Affiliate Manager (Trisha Lyn Fawver) talk about all things Affiliate Marketing. From blogging to branding, social media to search, video and more!

We kept it short & sweet this week, but hey!  We did two weeks in a row!  YES… I’m patting us on the back for that.  We talked briefly about some things that have been going on in the industry this week, and had a short & sweet conversation with limited tangents.  And almost no discussion of Twitter, other than a third party service mention.  Since it was so short I messed with outro music too, which brought us to a pleasantly succinct 19:30.  In in this episode we discuss:

  • The fantastic fill in job Eric Nagel did last week.
  • Affiliate Day came & went on September 14th.
  • Sponsored Tweets picked up their traffic
  • CJU, despite neither of us going.
  • How cool it is when industry celebs remember you!
  • Halloween & Fall promotions are upon us!
  • Fantasy Football with Jason Rubacky and Shawn Collins… and a brief girl’s guide to how scoring works.

Great Parties & Events at ASE09

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I took it light this time around at Affiliate Summit and only went to two events that weren’t hosted by the conference itself. Dominic and I spent the two days before the conference wandering Manhattan seeing some sights, so by the time the conference started we were not that interested in traipsing all over the city again. But we did make sure to go to the couple of smaller parties we were invited to. I’d have been asleep at the networking wheel had I not gone to any of the parties!  So here’s my take on the parties with some thanks and photos I took! Party @ Empire Hotel

Big thanks to Ayako from for extending the invitation!  This party was on the rooftop bar at the Empire Hotel, which despite being 12 floors up was considerably shorter than most the surrounding buildings.  Only one part of the hotel bar was reserved for the party, so it was a relatively intimate affair.  We started by working the area and saying hello to old friends, and ended sitting with Heather Smith of Beautiful British Columbia and Murray Newlands of  It was wonderful conversation and Dominic seemed to really feel comfortable with the jargon conversation and other assorted topics.

Hotel Empire in New York City

Joshua Sloan at Party at Empire Hotel party at Hotel Empire

MarketLeverage & John Chow’s Dot Com Pizza @ Original Famous Ray’s Pizza

This was just what the doctor ordered!  I had a few culinary goals for my trip to New York: bagels, cheesecake, and pizza.  New York pizza is legendary, so I was excited to be invited to share some pizza with Dina and crew.  We got there a bit late but there was still plenty of great pizza!  I had my first real conversation with John Chow and Ted Murphy, both pleasant.  I felt bad because there wasn’t much room to sit with the main group by the time we got there to schmooze and converse, so Dominic and I ended up sitting back in the corner where the surplus pizzas were and didn’t have much chance to talk unless people came back and talked to us.

I thought it was especially funny that Dominic got an IZEA shirt from Heather earlier in the day in the Blogger’s Lounge, and decided to change out of his Blinkstar Media shirt to the Izea shirt before leaving.  We walked right up the stairs at Ray’s to see Ted Murphy, who of course commented on the IZEA shirt!  Good thing I’d taken some time earlier in the day to tell Dominic what IZEA is!  After hearing Ted and Dina and Heather talk about the last IZEAfest and the upcoming one, he really wanted to go!  Too bad we can’t afford to go to Florida and have fun with them!  Big thanks to Dina at MarketLeverage for the invite!

The ceiling lights intrigued me

Tim Jones, Mike Buechele, Drew Bennett, & Ted Murphy

TechKaraoke @ the Hilton

This was unexpectedly fun, though I wish I had been able to get better photos!  Of course, the embarrassment factor of karaoke almost requires the lights to be dimmed, so the photos didn’t turn out.  I hear that I missed Chris Brogan singing a Jay-Z number, but I got down there just in time to see Ted Murphy, Shawn Collins, and Drew Bennett bust out some Milli Vanilli!  Throughout the evening I got to catch up with Connie Berg while listening to the vocal stylings of Todd Farmer, Jim Kukral, Missy Ward, and Brian Littleton amongst others.

I also never realized that you never truly appreciate how LONG some songs are until you hear them butchered at a karaoke event!  All in all though it was a good time and I hope Shawn & Missy bring back the TechKaraoke folks to do it again.  And this time bring the lights up for more embarrassing evidence!

Affiliate Marketing Fanatics 10: Gonna Make a Change

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Affiliate Marketing Fanatics – A Publisher (Mike Buechele) and an Affiliate Manager  (Trisha Lyn Fawver) talk about all things Affiliate Marketing.  From blogging to branding, social media to search, video and more!

Unfortunately this week we had a mic failure on Mike’s part, so even though I could hear him when we were recording the podcast on Skype, when listening back he was inaudible.  I tried amplifying it and leveling it and everything, but it was a lost cause.  So instead, we decided I’d give you a recap on what we talked about since they were all pretty important issues.  Basically, we’re taking a page from Shawn Collins’ book on podcast failures ;).  So the title refers both to all the changes going on with tax rules and disclosure regarding affiliates AND to the change Mike has to make to get the recording right next week!

The recap episode is a short and sweet 26 minutes on the dot since it includes a Jackson tribute at the end.

In this show, we discussed:

  • A recap of Affiliate Convention.
  • Amazon dropped North Carolina affiliates and sent a warning letter to Rhode Island affiliates.  Darren Rowse wrote about it on Problogger.
  • The FTC is tightening it’s rules regarding disclosure, but it’s still ambiguous enough to leave affiliates questioning what this means for them.  Daniel M. Clark wrote an article on the FTC disclosure issue, as well as Brian Clark of Copyblogger’s wrote about how to turn disclosure into a selling point.
  • Twitter servers took a hit yesterday when the news about Michael Jackson’s sudden death broke.  Are they ready to be a major search engine?
  • Rumors swirled about other celebrity deaths – this doesn’t make Twitter look like a legitimate resource in the eyes of skeptics.
  • Finally, Rest in Peace to Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson, who both passed away yesterday.  We pay tribute to MJ and pontificated on whether or not we’d see affiliates attempting to capitalize on these events.  I see just now that Shawn Collins is thinking about this topic as well on his blog.

Cribbed Content for May 29th

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Cribbed Content LinksAt first glance when starting to compile this week’s Cribbed Content, it didn’t look like much was going on.  My Google Reader was kind of light, as were the other scoops and news coming across my desk.  But then when I really started to dig, I found some cool stuff!  Including a really easy Twitter Contest from DIY SEO to win a Kindle!

  • Last week I reported that Affiliate Summit East 2009 was all sold out of booths.  They’re now all sold out of Meet Market tables as well, the first time for them that they’ve sold out of exhibitor space before Early Bird pricing was done.  Congrats to the ASE09 team!
  • Speaking of Affiliate Summit, co-founders Missy Ward and Shawn Collins were in Dallas at the Inbound Marketing Summit speaking about monetizing blogs.  Missy was kind enough to share their slides from the presentation.
  • Affiliate network ShareASale is toying with an Affiliate API and has released the initial sections for use.
  • Google recently changed their trademarks policy in regards to AdWords paid search ads.  Search Engine Land wrote an article on how to protect your brand under Google’s new trademark policy, and Geno Prussakov also wrote an article on how this applies to affiliate marketing.
  • Apparently Google mucked around with PageRank… AGAIN… and devalued Twitter profiles.  Which is fine with me since I realized awhile back my twitter page was  PR9 when this here blog was only PR2 (currently my twitter page is a PR3).  What really irritated me was that, out of nowhere, this blog went down to PR0 out of nowhere with no real changes other than a redesign (that, if anything, should have HELPED SEO).  So in my opinion Google can shove with with their PageRank racket anyway.  Anyway, Andy Beard explains a few things about the change.
  • I’ve seen a certain someone from a certain CPA network tweeting a lot in the last two days about making money from Twitter with CPA ads.  That seems to be ALL this person is tweeting about and it’s getting on my anti-spam nerves.  So instead of calling this person out, I’ll be passive-aggressive and just pass on this article for everyone: 10 Irritating Mistakes that People Make with Twitter. Thanks Nikki Pilkington for a good article right when I was thinking about it!
  • I’m a big fan of to-do lists.  There’s been some talk about different apps recently (I was turned onto Toodledoo and love its integration with iGoogle homepage).  Nate Moller wrote a great article on why to-do lists are key to entrepreneur success that any slightly unmotivated or scattered entrepreneur should read!

Cribbed Content for May 22nd

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Cribbed Content LinksIt’s been a slow week for news coming across my desk.  Then again, it’s been a slow week for me in general.  We’re doing Affiliate Marketing Fanatics about every other week now when news is slow.  Hopefully with the upcoming LinkShare Symposium in New York, Affiliate Convention in Denver, and a smattering of other events we should have more to talk about soon!  In the meantime, check this stuff out.

  • Geno Prussakov posted some pretty great articles on his blog this week, 7 Common Problems with Affiliate Data Feeds and Common Mistakes of New Affiliate Program Managers.  I have to give Geno kudos for some great articles!
  • Andy Beard wrote an insightful entry on his blog about his Product Launch Affiliate Strategy, and what checklist he uses to determine if he’ll support a new affiliate launch or not.  It’s definitely a good read for any affiliate starting out, and any merchant who wants to optimize their launches to make them attractive to affiliates.
  • FeedFront Magazine has issued a call for entries for their 7th issue, which will also serve as the conference guide for Affiliate Summit East 2009 in NYC, at which I’ll be speaking!
  • Speaking of Affiliate Summit East 2009, they’re all sold out of booths! You snooze, you lose!
  • More interesting posts about whether or not you should disclose affiliate links with Shawn Collins’ Affiliate Link Disclosure Manifesto.  Good stuff.